Writing Styles




Vacation in Feralas

Nysse raises her hand and knocks lightly on the door. She glances down the hallway either way as a voice calls out from inside, questioning. She leans close and speaks as loud as she dares, “Verune, it’s Nysse.”   There’s a click as a lock releases and the door opens wide, “Nysse?”   She places …

Awkward Moments

Nysse hurriedly shoved a cloth-wrapped package of rations into her backpack. Her eyes wandered to the druid assessing a piece of leather at the table, then to his sister, the priestess, cutting vegetables at the counter. She ducked her head and shoved the rest of her supplies in the bag. She latched the full backpack …


The sun shone gently through the thin canopy of the trees, dappling the forest floor with pools of light. Its warmth was muted by the cool breeze that rustled the leaves and lifted the loose strands of hair from Nysse’s temple as she stalked silently forward, her bow readied in one hand, an arrow nocked …