Writing Styles





Nysse stepped into the small home only to be stopped by a petite female night elf putting her palm up. Rhoelyn pointed outside, “I just cleaned. What goes for my brother goes for you as well. Go dunk yourself in a river and clean up before you come in.” Nysse peered over Rhoelyn’s shoulder, “But …


“Come, my little bird. You must bundle up against the cold,” Lyranne Feathersong said the words softly, tugging the fur-lined hood on the girl’s cloak higher around her face and pulling it closer around her slender shoulders. The child stared up at her with owlish blue eyes as clear as the azure sky, her cheeks …

Cata Arc – Epilogue

Araatris: Rhese sits on the half-crumbled wall, staring out over the charred ruins of what was the Stormwind park. He turns a note over in his hands. Rhoelyn: A bird lands next him before shifting. “Min’da be here soon.” Yami hugs his arm. A few minutes later the door opens from the nearby tower. Araatris: …