Writing Styles




MoP Arc – Chapter 10

Rhoelyn: They enter a sitting room. A young pandaren is straightening pillows on cushioned chairs. The elder smiles, “Tai, may we have some privacy?” Araatris: The initiate straightens from his task hastily and bows to them. “Of course, Master. May I bring some tea for you?” The elder nods. “Please do.” Rhoelyn: “Please make yourself …

MoP Arc – Chapter 9

Araatris: Rhoelyn shivers and opens her eyes to an empty world of dismal grey. Her teeth chatter as she sits up, looking around. “Hello? I-is no one there?” Rhoelyn: A voice hisses around around her mockingly. “Hello? Is no one there? Of course, someone is here. You sleep while your sister lies dying.” Araatris: “No!” …

MoP Arc – Chapter 8

Araatris: Su Le crouches in the grass, her short, furred fingers tracing the deeper rut where a wagon wheel stopped and sat. She leans close, sniffing. Rhoelyn: Sitting back, she looks at Mu Lin, “They were here. It’s fresh, so fairly recently.” She stands and circles the area. “There are footprints here.” Araatris: The senior …