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WotLK Arc – Chapter 12

Rhoelyn: Nysse wipes a cold sweat from her forehead as she straightens from clearing their tracks. “Let’s take a rest now that we’re off the trail.” Araatris: Rhese nods, watching her with warm regard as she tosses the leafy branch away. “Sure, lovely. We’ve made good time over the past couple of days.” Rhoelyn: She …

WotLK Arc – Chapter 11

Rhoelyn: Nysse stirs as something brushes her cheek. “Mmmmm.” She rolls over in a long stretch and yawns toothily. “Is it morning?” Her eyes flutter open. Araatris: Tsume nudges her more forcefully, her front paws on the bed. By the open door, a very confused and inebriated Kaerryn blinks at the wolf. “Whu?” Rhoelyn: The …

WotLK Arc – Chapter 10

Araatris: They treck in relative silence, the rest of the team slowing the pace noticeably for Nysse and Rhese. Before midday, they reach the main road. Rhoelyn: Nysse pulls up her hood, but her frosty breath betrays her laboured breathing. She focuses on the ground and taking one step after another. Araatris: Beside her, Rhese …