Writing Styles




Cata Arc – Chapter 6

Araatris: Bal’riemon’s effigy dances maddeningly as she stares, painful and beautiful at once. Anari bites her lip as the priest scribes her first tattoo. Rhoelyn: Kalis finishes the latest mark and examines it. Finally, he nods in satisfaction before moving to the next. “Raissse your arm, Anari.” Araatris: The witch does as bidden, hissing as …

Cata Arc – Chapter 5

Rhoelyn: Faye shivers, chained next to a strange altar that she swears is watching her. The tattooed naga ignores her and checks on another egg. Araatris: She clenches her fists against the cool, damp stone, straining against the manacles with a racket. Like the last twelve times, they don’t budge. Rhoelyn: “Sssomething hasss changed…” Kalis …

Cata Arc – Chapter 4

Rhoelyn: Rhese is the first to wake up. It’s unusual enough for Nysse to sleep past sunrise that he enjoys it for a few minutes before nudging her awake. Araatris: His kiss on her cheek is the first thing she feels, and Nysse grins lazily and rolls, reaching for him. He chuckles and says, “Wake …