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WoD Arc – Chapter 20

Rhoelyn: Nysse is woken by a nose nudging her. She can hear Rhese’s voice calling for her. “Nysse!” She bites her lip within the tight tree hollow. Araatris: Vorok snorts and rolls over as Yami shifts against her side, yawning. When she doesn’t move, he tugs on her kilt. “Min’da, an’da’s calling.” Rhoelyn: “I know, …

WoD Arc – Chapter 19

Araatris: The huntress wakes to a familiar, gentle gait, and she raises her groggy head to find herself leaning against the scruff of Vorok’s neck. Rhoelyn: “You’re awake.” Firm hands support her as she sits up. The world is blurry and she blinks, clearing her vision to look at the man behind her. Araatris: Nithan …

WoD Arc – Chapter 18

Rhoelyn: The druid questions, “How’s Nysse?” Relare glances over his shoulder, but doesn’t answer. The sin’dorei hurries to a large, freshly raised, tent. Araatris: “Nysse!” Rhese repeats, pushing himself away from Wrune and Leothir’s support. When he immediately staggers, Leo is right there to grab him. Rhoelyn: The mage grimaces, “Easy. I think she passed …