Writing Styles




BC Arc – Chapter 4

Araatris: After a trying night and a few hours of exhausted sleep, Nysse is woken by strong hands gripping her wrists, tugging her arms back. Rhoelyn: Nysse awakes with a jerk and immediately tries to free her hands. It takes a few moments more to open her heavy lidded eyes. Araatris: A familiar voice near …

BC Arc – Chapter 3

Araatris: A hue and cry from the Northwest gate interrupts an otherwise drowsy afternoon at the Cenarion Refuge. Rhoelyn: Startled from her nap, Nysse rolls off the tree branch and whistles for her wolf. She prepares her bow as they run for the gate. Araatris: She arrives to find a scene of chaos as the …

BC Arc – Chapter 2

Rhoelyn: Nysse tugs self-consciously at her dress as she steps into the Lower City inn. Her eyes rake over the tables in the dim light. Araatris: By the end of the first mug of mead, Nysse has watched many people enter and leave the inn, but no dashingly-handsome druid. Rhoelyn: Nysse narrows her eyes and …