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MoP Arc – Chapter 4

Rhoelyn: “Why won’t it come out of my hair or fur?!” Nysse exclaims as she tries to brush Tsume’s goopy fur. Mu Lin has the grace to cover his mouth. Araatris: Graceful Swan looks at Mai with a grimace. “Probably, we should have warned you about the tendency to spit jade slurry. I’ll… fetch the …

MoP Arc – Chapter 3

Rhoelyn: “Do you think we’ll make it to Greenstone Village before dusk?” Nysse asks. Tsume ranges ahead. Rhoelyn twists around. “It’s beautiful here.” Araatris: Mu Lin nods at Nysse. “Perhaps by mid-day, provided we keep moving.” He smirks as Rhoelyn hops down from the cart to examine something else. Rhoelyn: Laughing, Nysse shakes her head. …

MoP Arc – Chapter 2

Rhoelyn: Mu Lin and Su Le follow after the others. He takes them down by the homes staked above the water. There are a few Pandaren fishing off the side. Araatris: “Our anglers,” Gingo says, “are known to be the most prolific on the Jade Coast. We supply over half of the fish to the …