Writing Styles




Cata Arc – Chapter 3

Rhoelyn: Rhese hovers behind a rock watching another naga patrol with a trail of prisoners. There were no more caves to check in this particular area. Araatris: He scans through the prisoners, some in bubbles and some clearly not, noting with interest that the swimmers still seem able to breathe freely. Rhoelyn: Following at a …

Cata Arc – Chapter 2

Rhoelyn: Awakening was slow. First, the awareness of abused muscles, then hunger and thirst. There was darkness, rushing water, and sand beneath her. Araatris: Nysse bites back a groan as she forces her hands under her, pushing herself to her knees. Her head swims dizzyingly as she coughs, hunching. Rhoelyn: She heaves expelling some water, …

Cata Arc – Chapter 1

Araatris: The sun beams down from a clear, blue sky onto the deck of the Stormdancer, gilding the freshly-swabbed wood. A stiff breeze fills the sails. Rhoelyn: Nysse leans over the railing and stares into the water, “Rhese! Look there!” She smiles over her shoulder. “I saw another of the flat fish!” Araatris: The druid …