BfA Arc – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Sight Unseen **Araatris:** Faye is only the second person to wake deep into the day when Rhoelyn surges up from sleep with a strangled gasp, Light washing across her skin. **Rhoelyn:** The sentinel rolls to her feet and hurries to the priestess’ side. She rests a hand on her shoulder. “Rhoelyn!” Leothir begins […]

BfA Arc – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Haunting Possibilities **Araatris:** The dream is of home, the twins cuddled in her arms and Yami beside her on the couch, chattering at her about a funny beast in the market. **Rhoelyn:** “…ysse…” Her searching gaze finds no one else. When she turns back to Yami, his dark eyes are creased with worry. […]

BfA Arc – Chapter 17

Chapter 17:  Nemeses **Rhoelyn:** “Half of your team was wiped out by three elves. What were you doing? Screaming your presence? Tripping over your feet?” The orc growls. **Araatris:** The Tauren before him stares him down with calm detachment, her mousey brown eyes at the level of his bald pate. “I warned you, Xiphos.” **Rhoelyn:** […]