BC Arc – Epilogue

Rhoelyn Moonlight streams across a dozing Nysse. Five wolf pups are sprawled either near or on her. Tsume deposits another pup on top of Nysse. Araatris Rhese pads up on silent paws and then quiet feet. He lays a brace of hares on the grass. “Tsume,” he whispers, “will you -please- stop that?” Rhoelyn Tsume […]

BC Arc – Chapter 16

Rhoelyn Nysse follows Rhese with childlike trust, her hand in his. Her eyes have the familiar glazed of the Taken, “Are you taking me to the Machine?” Araatris Rhese glances back at her, unable to keep his brow from furrowing. His voice is light. “Yes, Nysse. We’re going to the Machine. Quietly, remember?” Rhoelyn She […]

BC Arc – Chapter 15

Araatris Hours later, the wolves guard the door to one of the smaller buildings in the Refuge, an herbalist’s hut. Rhese sleeps on the cot, bound still. Rhoelyn Nysse dozes as she sits in the corner, her knees drawn to her chest. Her hand covers a blossoming bruise on her arm. Wrune and Val talk […]