BC Arc – Chapter 14

Rhoelyn Nysse awakens to footsteps and an urgent voice, “Nysse!” Bleary-eyed and confused, she rolls out of bed to her feet with a dagger in hand. Araatris Calinea stumbles back a few steps, out of the range of her dagger. She doesn’t wait for the huntress to clear the cobwebs from her head. Rhoelyn “Get […]

BC Arc – Chapter 13

Araatris In the deepest part of that night, Rhoelyn stirs in her small, borrowed apartment, waking slowly at a sound. “Kaerryn?” She rubs her bleary eyes. Rhoelyn “Yeah, it’s me.” She stares at the letter in her hands. There’s a dim light streaming across the paper from the window. “Sorry I woke you.” Araatris “Is […]

BC Arc – Chapter 12

Araatris Rhoelyn opens her eyes to find herself standing in a nondescript field. Confused, she looks down at her Light-wreathed hand. “Ah. An attack.” Rhoelyn “An attack…It’s day. Why is it dark?” She holds up her hand to banish the shadows. In the distance, she can hear sobs and alarmed yelling. Araatris The priestess runs […]