BC Arc – Chapter 11

Rhoelyn The group returns to Cenarion Refuge. Nysse and Kaerryn are separated from the rest and sent to the healers to assess the orb’s influence. Araatris After briefings, Rhese makes his way into the healers’ building, a plate of food and pitcher of water in his hands. His gaze sweeps the space. Rhoelyn Nysse is […]

BC Arc – Chapter 10

Araatris It takes hours to slink through the warren of tunnels beneath the Black Temple, carefully avoiding the Taken patrols. Frustrating hours. Rhoelyn Nysse presses her back to the wall and peers around the next corner. She mumbles and holds her bow at the ready, “We should be close…” Araatris A few feet behind her, […]

BC Arc – Chapter 9

Araatris: “FALL BACK!” Deth’s command slices the din of battle, echoing off the blackened, scored tunnel walls. “Max, take tha’ caster down.” Rhoelyn: Nysse ducks behind some rubble. She calls out, “They have a healer on the ledge. Watch my back while I try to get a clear shot!” Araatris: “On it, kid.” Ultarn kicks […]