Cata Arc – Epilogue

Araatris: Rhese sits on the half-crumbled wall, staring out over the charred ruins of what was the Stormwind park. He turns a note over in his hands. Rhoelyn: A bird lands next him before shifting. “Min’da be here soon.” Yami hugs his arm. A few minutes later the door opens from the nearby tower. Araatris: […]

Cata Arc – Chapter 13

Rhoelyn: Nysse stalks into the room with the void children in her wake. She looks at Kreston and asks sharply, “How long do we have until it arrives?” Araatris: The sailor stands with his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. “He’s at the barrier. Tsunabren is ready to let him breach it at […]

Cata Arc – Chapter 12

Rhoelyn: Rhese glowers at Faye and grumbles, “None of them are here at the camp. We can’t just leave them down there. We need to search for them.” Araatris: The sentinel meets his anger coolly, observing, “You may well be the most obstinate person I’ve ever met. We agreed to give them time.” Rhoelyn: Rhese […]