Cata Arc – Chapter 11

Araatris: Kreston grunts and stumbles back, looking down at the spear in his belly. “Well, sh-” He chokes on the words, coughing as Aleesa grabs him. Rhoelyn: Nysse’s arrow pierces the chest of the spear’s owner. “Get him back! I’ll cover you.” Aleesa drags him behind the huntress and starts healing. Araatris: Rhese and Faye […]

Cata Arc – Chapter 10

Rhoelyn: Nysse awakens to Rhese’s voice, “No, I understand. It’s too risky for any of us to go while she’s like this.” The huntress tenses at the topic. Araatris: The druid stands outside the shelter entrance, his body blocking her view. Whoever he’s talking to is too muffled to make out. “Of course.” Rhoelyn: She […]

Cata Arc – Chapter 9

Araatris: Before he opens his eyes, Rhese can hear the sounds of growling and clashing weapons. He lifts his head, surprised to be standing in a forest. Rhoelyn: He tilts his head, listening. Then, the druid shifts into a cat and runs through the woods. He pauses when he’s close to look through the brush. […]