Cata Arc – Chapter 8

Rhoelyn: Nysse is burning up when the first vestiges of consciousness hit. Slow awareness of screams, the cold ground, and chains jumble in her mind. Araatris: In between moments, she’s aware of a soft, cajoling voice annoying her about doing things when she only wants to rest. “Nysse, you must drink.” Rhoelyn: She tries to […]

Cata Arc – Chapter 7

Araatris: Late the next afternoon, Rhese and Kreston shove yet another palisade wall segment into place before pausing to rest while others secure it. Rhoelyn: Kreston uses his shirt to mop at the sweat on his face and grins at Rhese. “What’s Nysse doing while we finish here? Making more weapons?” Araatris: The druid nods, […]

Cata Arc – Chapter 6

Araatris: Bal’riemon’s effigy dances maddeningly as she stares, painful and beautiful at once. Anari bites her lip as the priest scribes her first tattoo. Rhoelyn: Kalis finishes the latest mark and examines it. Finally, he nods in satisfaction before moving to the next. “Raissse your arm, Anari.” Araatris: The witch does as bidden, hissing as […]