Legion Arc – Epilogue

**Araatris:** Nysse gasps, holding her belly as she doubles over. “N-no! It’s too soon. We haven’t had the wedding, yet.” Rhese supports her, rubbing her back. **Rhoelyn:** “Lovely, they don’t know they’re supposed to wait. If it’s time, we’ll welcome them and have it later. They won’t mind.” His voice is soothing. **Araatris:** She takes […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 15

**Araatris:** Yami reaches for his mother, exclaiming, “Min’da? Are you okay?” Behind them, the portal slips quietly shut as Lassa squirms down with a smile. **Rhoelyn:** “I’m just a little dizzy. Let me sit down while you fetch Rhoe for your aunt Aleesa.” She gives Yami a wane smile as she sinks into the snow. […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 14

**Araatris:** Through the open door, a carved cavern extends. At its center sits a massive amber gem with spires of black rock framing it and a silhouette within. **Rhoelyn:** He blurs once again into a young man, hurrying into the cavern. “Aleesa? Is that you?” The shadowed figure slowly stands and turns to him. **Araatris:** […]