Legion Arc – Chapter 13

**Rhoelyn:** The huntress groans, wondering how many times she’s going to wake up feeling bruised and confused. She opens her eyes and stares into a dark sky. **Araatris:** Starless, yet filled with swirls of color, spots that appear and disappear, the nether stretches above her. “Alei, I have you,” Rhese mutters. **Rhoelyn:** She pushes herself […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 12

Chapter 12   **Araatris:** “Tha’s enough, Ruuma,” the Master growls, resting a discolored, taloned hand on the eredar’s arm. “He’s sick enou’ ta keep quiet fer now.” **Rhoelyn:** Ruuma huffs, but lowers her hand. “As you wish, Master, but they still have not brought the voidling.” She glares at the slumped night elf. **Araatris:** He […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 11

**Rhoelyn:** Verune blinks at Nysse again. “I’m starting to feel like Morthis left some things out of his mission briefing. So, we’re an extraction team?” **Araatris:** “We’re whatever we have to be to find the others and get Rhese and Yami back,” the huntress says, biting her lip. “Please, Verune.” **Rhoelyn:** The druid scratches his […]