Legion Arc – Chapter 10

**Araatris:** As Nysse struggles back toward consciousness, she becomes aware of the distant sound of falling water, a soft, comforting, familiar burble. **Rhoelyn:** Her lips move to speak, but her throat is too dry. A soft voice shushes her and presses a cup to her lips as her head is lifted. “Drink.” **Araatris:** The liquid […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 9

**Rhoelyn:** “Y-yes, my princess, but-.” “Leothir! Nysse was supposed to call me days ago! She was only going to Stormwind,” Rhoelyn interjects worriedly. **Araatris:** The mage winces, speaking softly into the hearthstone in his hand as he watches Sarren and Relare disappear into the trees to give him privacy. **Rhoelyn:** “Maybe she needs time to […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 8

**Araatris:** The demon huntress crouches low on the rock jutting from the middle of the cliff, her hooded, eyeless gaze scanning the flurry of activity below. **Rhoelyn:** She shakes her head. Temirra’s long legs allow her to leap up the cliff with minimal climbing. At the top, the others wait, Nysse sleeping. **Araatris:** Tsume yawns […]