WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Depths … and he still talks about how you will “magic him’ all over the world when you get back from the campaign, my dawn. He has, I fear, planned a world tour that is like to take years and drain you to a dry, mana-less husk. The priestess smiled at the page […]

WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Sun The day of their departure came too soon, and Leothir sighed to himself as he directed the porters in loading the last few wagons of supplies. Off to the side, his brother gleamed in golden plate, his regalia shined and ready to inspire as he directed the Duskfall troops called in from […]

WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Resolve Weeks later, Leothir sat at the desk in his suite, toying with the quill in his hand while his hungry gaze focused past the large, sunny window. Out in the open field well beyond it, the woman he cherished sat in the grass in her elegant, pooled skirts, bare toes peeking out […]