WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Tears and Tears Rhoelyn smiled and watched Alensyr clamber after the little white and red saber kitten, his laughter echoing softly between the trellises as the two of them played and Ryni trailed in their wake. Her hand in Leothir’s, she sniffled as they walked down the pebbled garden path, rubbing her thumb […]

WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Elegy of the Lost Ryni sat at the center of her bed, legs folded up and one hand clenched in her cropped pink hair as she rocked back and forth. Her sharp, pearly teeth nibbled compulsively on the tip of her thumb, and every once in a while, her wild, wide-eyed gaze fell […]

WoD Companion Story: Lost – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Ignorance is Not Bliss Fayrial growled under her breath as she strode quickly away from Leothir’s suite toward the kitchens, pressing her hand to her head. The oblivious lordling wanted a “light dinner”, not realizing that his companion hadn’t eaten in the better part of two days, and it made her want to […]