MoP Arc – Epilogue

Rhoelyn: Several days later finds them on the boat home. Nysse stirs restlessly in her sleep. Rhese opens his eyes and frowns as moonlight hits her face. Araatris: The tears on her cheeks shimmer, and she mewls quietly in the back of her throat. He gathers her closer, murmuring soothing things by her ear. Rhoelyn: […]

MoP Arc – Chapter 20

Araatris: Rhoelyn smiles at her reflection in the mirror, twisting to check the back of her gown. “Do you need any help with the lacings, sister?” she calls. Rhoelyn: “Yes, please. I can’t pull them and hold the dress in place.” The huntress tugs up on the dress again with a sigh as she tugs […]

MoP Arc – Chapter 19

Araatris: The drone of evening insects is interrupted by a snap, and arcane crackle rings through the clearing as the portal rips open. Nataro steps through. Rhoelyn: Leothir stumbles through the portal next. He glares sullenly as Quaed steps through and it snaps shut. Nataro rumbles, “They won’t be far.” Araatris: Holding up a hand […]