MoP Arc – Chapter 15

Rhoelyn: Nysse sighs as Rhoelyn’s head rests in her lap. “Nataro, it’s been three days. Do you have any leads? We can’t keep sedating them like this.” Araatris: The shaman sighs, looking weary and worn even as he keeps his eyes closed in meditation. “Every time I find it, it slips from my grasp.” Rhoelyn: […]

MoP Arc – Chapter 14

Araatris: Korran lifts his head, careful not to jostle the elf sleeping against his belly. He growls softly. ~Nyssera, your sister weakens herself further.~ Rhoelyn: Frowning, Nysse strides across the room and kneels by his head. She whispers, “I don’t understand how she could be. She’s resting, isn’t she?” Araatris: The spectral wolf turns his […]

MoP Arc – Chapter 13

Rhoelyn: The borrowed serpent gently touches the ground. Nysse pats Rhoelyn’s shoulder and murmurs, “We’re here, sister. You may wish to wake and see.” Araatris: The priestess stirs, blinking awake. Rather than straightening, she shivers and huddles against Nysse, tugging her cloak tighter. “It’s c-cold.” Rhoelyn: “It is, but you should warm up a bit […]