Suspicious: Part 2

01/02/2019 Suspicious: Part 2 (The Founders Arc – Chapter 2) Elishtar Fangblade sits on a rickety wooden chair at a cafe in the bustling Boralus evening, enjoying a plate of sweet rolls and some sort of thick, savory stew that smells heavily of herbs. Her head lightly pulses from one too many ales the previous […]

Suspicious: Part 1

01/02/2019 Suspicious: Part 1 (The Founders Arc – Chapter 2) With a smile and a little bow, the priestess backed out of the shop, her arm threaded through the handle of her basket. “Yes, of course. I understand, Missus Crawlen. Thank you for finding what you could. Ishnu dal dieb. That is, I wish you […]

Family Ties: Rhoelyn

12/12/2018 Family Ties: Rhoelyn (The Founders Arc – Chapter 1) “No, no. It’s fine, Rhoelyn. I just appreciate you and Sarren being there to watch them. Just knowing you’re there puts my mind at ease.” There was soft rustling from the other side of the white stone, its blue swirl pulsing with magic, as the […]