Family Ties: Yami

12/12/2018 Family Ties: Yami (The Founders Arc – Chapter 1) A giggle from the kitchen made the young man smirk as he snagged his tall leather boots in two fingers and wandered over to the couch. His aunt’s words, her smooth tones gentle and soothing as always, sounded clearly through the small apartment, though the […]

Zero Skill Points: Vacation

12/12/2018 Zero Skill Points: Vacation Rhian and Mirra (The Founders Arc – Chapter 1) The bright sun shone in a cloud-dotted blue sky, peaceful and warm and gentle on the soft, smooth sand of the beach. The surf, quiet in the small inlet shielded from the harder parts of the wide ocean beyond, whispered as […]

Concealed Trigger

11/18/2018 Concealed Trigger (The Founders Arc opening) The priestess strolled the market beside Sarren, her slippers quiet on the cobbled portion of the Boralus streets. Dressed carefully in a gown and pauldrons of Kul’Tiran make and typical warm Kul’Tiran earth tones, she stood out as much for her attempt to blend in, her long, dusky […]