WotLK Arc – Chapter 17

Araatris: “So, by the fifth time I beat her at the spar, she…” Kaerryn leans over and whispers, earning a bright blush from Rylana trudging beside her. Rhoelyn: Rylana stutters, “S-she really did that?” Wrune pinches the bridge of his nose, “Kaerryn, is it really necessary to tell her about that?” Araatris: The warrior grins […]

WotLK Arc – Chapter 16

Rhoelyn: Sounds of battle slowly fade into her awareness and light presses against her eyelids, but it takes her a moment longer to open them. “Hmmm?” Araatris: The huntress stirs, groggy because of the sedative. Rhese is curled up against her side, his arm and leg draped across her, still asleep. Rhoelyn: “Rhese.” Her soft […]

WotLK Arc – Chapter 15

Rhoelyn: As the darkness of sleep claims Nysse, someone speaking presses into her awareness. A familiar and comforting voice that seems to draw her to it. Araatris: Korran pads toward her as the cave resolves itself around her again, mostly the same but not identical. The place grows dense with vines. Rhoelyn: Nysse blinks and […]