WotLK Arc – Chapter 14

Rhoelyn: Rylana sits and watches the others from the far side of the fire. She mumbles, “Why did I listen?” Another piece of kindling lands in the fire. Araatris: Something in her pangs with jealousy as Nysse settles against her Alpha’s side to eat dinner. He still snarls every time the girl gets near. Rhoelyn: […]

WotLK Arc – Chapter 13

Araatris: A few days later, Rhese tromps along a barely-used deer track while Tsume and Nysse range, hunting. He strips off his glove and sighs at his hand. Rhoelyn: The darkness had already crept back along most of his hand and his magic… He growls under his breath, “Where are we supposed to go…?” Araatris: […]

WotLK Arc – Chapter 12

Rhoelyn: Nysse wipes a cold sweat from her forehead as she straightens from clearing their tracks. “Let’s take a rest now that we’re off the trail.” Araatris: Rhese nods, watching her with warm regard as she tosses the leafy branch away. “Sure, lovely. We’ve made good time over the past couple of days.” Rhoelyn: She […]