BfA Arc – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Mission of Mercy **Araatris:** The priestess’ soft song hangs in the air around her as she stands stock-still at the center of the small clearing, hands outstretched. **Rhoelyn:** Nysse leans silently back against a tree; two wolves keep her company. Korran sits alert while Tsume takes a more casual… lying approach. **Araatris:** Beneath […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Sun’s Fall Leothir Duskfall leaned against the wall in indolent disinterest as the grizzled orc at the front of the room grunted and grumbled about some failed mission on the edge of the Thousand Needles. Boring. His luminous green gaze skipped around the circular room, noting faces both familiar and unfamiliar and also […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 **Araatris:** “Oh, I know what you have, Raddok. I’m interested in how you got it.” Rhese rests his hands on his hips, smirking at the goblin smuggler. **Rhoelyn:** The goblin grins, “Well, I can’t be telling ya mah business sources. I got a business to run. Unless… you can make it worth mah […]