BfA Arc – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Support **Rhoelyn:** Nysse blinks blearily, slowly stirring and waking. Voices murmur around her. “How long is she going to sleep? She’s been out for hours.” **Araatris:** “Well, yes,” comes the dry response. Leothir’s voice. “She’s exhausted. That is what exhausted night elves do during the day. They rest.” Rel snorts. **Rhoelyn:** The paladin […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Where Angels Fear to Tread “Elune,” the priestess coughed, rasping out the quick prayer as she dodged away from the sudden crash of burning timber in her path. “Bright goddess, guide me.” The smoke in that particular house was too thick to see more than a few feet around her, and half of […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 11

**Rhoelyn:** Verune blinks at Nysse again. “I’m starting to feel like Morthis left some things out of his mission briefing. So, we’re an extraction team?” **Araatris:** “We’re whatever we have to be to find the others and get Rhese and Yami back,” the huntress says, biting her lip. “Please, Verune.” **Rhoelyn:** The druid scratches his […]