BfA Arc – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Worst, Best Path **Araatris:** Later in the next night, Leothir watches from beneath his mask as Rhoelyn and Nysse and the wolves gather yet more spirits, mists blanketing them. **Rhoelyn:** Relare murmurs, “It’s interesting to watch them work close up. I never thought that Nysse’s connection to Korran would allow her to […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Desperate Chase A scream. Rhese raised his head, the stag’s long ears swiveling. He knew that voice, that startled sound, and he paused in his run, clopping to a halt on one of the sparse patches of cobbled stones along a larger street. Nysse looked around, clinging to Rhese’s back. Finally, her eyes […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 12

Chapter 12   **Araatris:** “Tha’s enough, Ruuma,” the Master growls, resting a discolored, taloned hand on the eredar’s arm. “He’s sick enou’ ta keep quiet fer now.” **Rhoelyn:** Ruuma huffs, but lowers her hand. “As you wish, Master, but they still have not brought the voidling.” She glares at the slumped night elf. **Araatris:** He […]