BfA Arc – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Pieces in Place **Rhoelyn:** Rhese glances back at Kaerryn with a scowl. “Hurry up already, clanky. We’re supposed to be at Bashal’aran sometime today not next week.” **Araatris:** The warrior glares back, freeing her boot from another tangle of weeds. “Don’t start with me, fuzzbutt. Your forest is mucking up my armor. Again!” […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Broken, Dark Shore Quaed’s black leather boots splashed through the shallows as he tugged the little dinghy onto the shore, his rotting face stern with irritation. He grumbled under his breath, cursing everything from the unconscious priestess who curled in the belly of the boat to the golden mage who’d begged him to […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 13

**Rhoelyn:** The huntress groans, wondering how many times she’s going to wake up feeling bruised and confused. She opens her eyes and stares into a dark sky. **Araatris:** Starless, yet filled with swirls of color, spots that appear and disappear, the nether stretches above her. “Alei, I have you,” Rhese mutters. **Rhoelyn:** She pushes herself […]