BfA Arc – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Discord **Araatris:** By the time they all settle into shelter and make a hearty dinner, the sky has already lightened into day as much as it ever does under Elune’s eclipse. **Rhoelyn:** Rhese works on Nysse’s bow even as his eyes follow her checking the cave entrance for the fifth time since camp. […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Sun’s Fury Leothir went silent again. He followed his brother, trying to set his expression to serious instead of worried, but it was difficult as his attention drifted to what his night elven lover would think. A small cart was being loaded down the path, causing the brothers to share a look. Leothir […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 14

**Araatris:** Through the open door, a carved cavern extends. At its center sits a massive amber gem with spires of black rock framing it and a silhouette within. **Rhoelyn:** He blurs once again into a young man, hurrying into the cavern. “Aleesa? Is that you?” The shadowed figure slowly stands and turns to him. **Araatris:** […]