WoD Companion Story: Lost – Epilogue

Epilogue: Lost “A blanket, brother,” the priestess said, her tone as gentle as always and her smile warm as she handed him the soft, folded length of padded windwool. “And you are certain you have enough pillows? I cou-” Relare chuckled and interrupted her, holding up a hand. “You’re fussing, again. I’m very comfortable on […]

BfA Arc – Chapter 17

Chapter 17:  Nemeses **Rhoelyn:** “Half of your team was wiped out by three elves. What were you doing? Screaming your presence? Tripping over your feet?” The orc growls. **Araatris:** The Tauren before him stares him down with calm detachment, her mousey brown eyes at the level of his bald pate. “I warned you, Xiphos.” **Rhoelyn:** […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Epilogue

Epilogue: New World Nysse patted Mirrase’s back as she held the wailing child against her shoulder. She paced the children’s room, willing the tears of frustration away. In the crib, Rhylian whimpered. The huntress prayed to Elune that at least Alen would rest through it. Try as she might, her daughter refused to sleep despite […]