WoD Arc – Chapter 17

Araatris: Rhese yawns and rubs a fist on his eye as he saunters out of his tent after a brief nap. He glances around at the extra bustle throughout camp. Rhoelyn: “Rhese! Our ladies will be here soon. Relare said that they’re in the last carriage.” The blood elf puts his arm around the druid’s […]

MoP Arc – Chapter 17

Araatris: Nysse wrings out the cloth, pressing fresh, cool water to her sister’s warm forehead. Rhoelyn grins sleepily and rests a hand over hers. “Sister…” Rhoelyn: The huntress’ eyes shimmer. “Oh, thank Elune. You’re awake. How do you feel, Rhoe?” Nysse takes Rhoelyn’s hand and clasps it in both of hers. Araatris: “Much better, Nysse. […]

WotLK Arc – Chapter 17

Araatris: “So, by the fifth time I beat her at the spar, she…” Kaerryn leans over and whispers, earning a bright blush from Rylana trudging beside her. Rhoelyn: Rylana stutters, “S-she really did that?” Wrune pinches the bridge of his nose, “Kaerryn, is it really necessary to tell her about that?” Araatris: The warrior grins […]