BfA Arc – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Sight Unseen **Araatris:** Faye is only the second person to wake deep into the day when Rhoelyn surges up from sleep with a strangled gasp, Light washing across her skin. **Rhoelyn:** The sentinel rolls to her feet and hurries to the priestess’ side. She rests a hand on her shoulder. “Rhoelyn!” Leothir begins […]

WoD Arc – Chapter 19

Araatris: The huntress wakes to a familiar, gentle gait, and she raises her groggy head to find herself leaning against the scruff of Vorok’s neck. Rhoelyn: “You’re awake.” Firm hands support her as she sits up. The world is blurry and she blinks, clearing her vision to look at the man behind her. Araatris: Nithan […]

MoP Arc – Chapter 19

Araatris: The drone of evening insects is interrupted by a snap, and arcane crackle rings through the clearing as the portal rips open. Nataro steps through. Rhoelyn: Leothir stumbles through the portal next. He glares sullenly as Quaed steps through and it snaps shut. Nataro rumbles, “They won’t be far.” Araatris: Holding up a hand […]