BfA Arc – Chapter 2

Chapter 2:  Burdened Steps **Araatris:** The healer sleeps fitfully and wakes early the next day, surging up with a gasp to sit huddled in her bedroll. She lays her head on her knees. **Rhoelyn:** Nyssera stirs sleepily, her eyes blinking open. “Sister? Is something wrong?” The wolves glance their direction then return to their lookout. **Araatris:** […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Gifts Once Given The knock at the door was light and familiar, one that his twin had adopted especially in the few months since the twins had been born, a timid scratch meant to alert them without waking sleeping babes. Rhese answered with a grin, Rhylian cuddled in the crook of his arm, […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 **Rhoelyn:** Nysse rests her head on the table, holding the last sachet of nausea medicine. “Three days and I still haven’t been able to go help Rhese…” **Araatris:** Sarren pats her back, rolling his sore shoulder. “You’ve helped in other ways, Nysse. Rhese is just fine; your mother and I look out for […]