BfA Arc – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Assault **Rhoelyn:** The shout is their first warning. The group surges into motion from a dead sleep. Nysse summons the rejuvenated Korran and grabs her weapons. **Araatris:** Executor Carling curses under his breath and shoves Bendric off of him. “So much for our element of surprise.” Ki’ilikai barks, “Get’n place.” **Rhoelyn:** They spread […]

WoD Arc – Chapter 20

Rhoelyn: Nysse is woken by a nose nudging her. She can hear Rhese’s voice calling for her. “Nysse!” She bites her lip within the tight tree hollow. Araatris: Vorok snorts and rolls over as Yami shifts against her side, yawning. When she doesn’t move, he tugs on her kilt. “Min’da, an’da’s calling.” Rhoelyn: “I know, […]

MoP Arc – Chapter 20

Araatris: Rhoelyn smiles at her reflection in the mirror, twisting to check the back of her gown. “Do you need any help with the lacings, sister?” she calls. Rhoelyn: “Yes, please. I can’t pull them and hold the dress in place.” The huntress tugs up on the dress again with a sigh as she tugs […]