BfA Arc – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Diminishing Returns **Rhoelyn:** Nysse hovers with the cup of tea. “Sister, if you won’t eat any more, would you please drink this?” She looks at the half empty bowl of stew. **Araatris:** Rhoelyn looks between her sister and the mug, at first with an increasingly-common confusion. She blinks and grins softly. “Yes. Tea.” […]

WoD Arc – Chapter 21

Araatris: “No, of course I don’t understand!” Nysse throws up her arms at Rhoelyn. “Why won’t he see me? We’re leaving, soon.” The priestess sighs. Rhoelyn: “We don’t know why you changed into a wolf, sister, and Rhese is still setting the last bindings on the curse.” Rhoelyn catches Nysse’s hands. Araatris: The priestess soothes […]

MoP Arc – Epilogue

Rhoelyn: Several days later finds them on the boat home. Nysse stirs restlessly in her sleep. Rhese opens his eyes and frowns as moonlight hits her face. Araatris: The tears on her cheeks shimmer, and she mewls quietly in the back of her throat. He gathers her closer, murmuring soothing things by her ear. Rhoelyn: […]