BfA Arc – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Sun and Gold **Araatris:** By the time they reach the shade of a low, crumbled wall that juts up out of the sand, they are all hot and thirsty. Rel lays his burden down gently. **Rhoelyn:** He hovers a glowing hand over her. “She’s stable. Verune, do you need help first?” The druid […]

WoD Arc – Chapter 22

Rhoelyn: Nysse holds Yami next to Rhese in the center of the large circle of people. “We’ve chosen, Coridormu: Wrune, Relare, Leo and Rhoelyn will come.” Araatris: When Yami whines and clings tighter to her, the huntress sighs and kisses his head. “No, sweetie. You’re staying where it’s safe. That’s final.” Rhoelyn: Rhese kisses his […]