BfA Arc – Epilogue

Epilogue: The Gift of Home **Rhoelyn:** Leothir looks down at the table and then back up. “No, take it to your other left. Where is Nysse? She and Rhoelyn should have been back by now.” **Araatris:** Rhese and Relare strain together with the wooden archway, shifting it slowly. The druid grits out, “I’m sure they’ll […]

WoD Arc – Chapter 25

Araatris: Rhese staggers as the dry, hot wind of Hellfire Peninsula blows his hair back. He bites back a groan, feeling like he just got turned inside-out. Rhoelyn: Nysse rasps, “Rhe-” She clears her throat, “Rhese…” The huntress kneels on the ground, looking pale. “I don’t understand. Are you okay?” Araatris: “C-Cenarius’ Beard!” He plops […]