BfA Arc – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Warforged Voice **Rhoelyn:** Nysse crouches down and brushes her fingers against the grass. “All of the grass is damaged to an extent, but this does seem more recent.” **Araatris:** The wisp that alights beside Korran looks for a brief moment like a night elven figure. “Do you think it is a sign of […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Betrayals 36 hours later Rhese blinked in shock at the hearthstone in his hand, watching numbly as the magic traced through the blue swirl rune etched on its white surface. “No. No, why would they do that? We’ve been working side by side for years. In peace. And look what we accomplished!” The […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 **Araatris:** Yami plays in the main room, tossing a ball from hand to hand and trying to ignore his mother’s raised voice. “I’m not taking no for an answer!” **Rhoelyn:** The spymaster growls, “Nysse, I won’t tell you where he is! If I tell you, you won’t sit still and Snowbird hasn’t given […]