BfA Arc – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Barely Leashed **Araatris:** The druid swings his polearm with a vicious growl, the long, wicked weapon spinning around his back before slicing across the orc’s chest. **Rhoelyn:** The green skinned opponent stumbles back, but grins despite the bloody gash. Roaring something in orcish, he charges forward with his hammer. **Araatris:** Rhese dodges, his […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: War’s Horns “…head out to meet Kaerryn, lovely.” Nysse stared at Rhese evenly as she handed Mirrase to him once he’d finished speaking. She picked up Rhylian and settled him to his mid-day meal. “Rhoe is in Darnassus. Are you planning to head there after Darkshore?” Her expression and tone were carefully neutral, […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 **Rhoelyn:** “Why is he here?” Nysse frowns. Relare sighs and grins ruefully. “It was the deal for the port.” “That doesn’t explain why he wanted to come.” **Araatris:** The blood elven paladin also looks over at his brother, Leothir busy speaking with Sarren. “He knows how it will shatter you both to lose […]