BfA Arc – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Guardian Spirits **Rhoelyn:** Leothir rubs his face. “Rot was that awful, Rel. I’ve never actually seen it being done. I wanted to be sick.” He looks up at his brother. **Araatris:** The paladin sighs and yanks off his face mask, running a hand through his short hair to straighten it. “You and me […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Advance The impact of the arrow shoved her back a few steps and probably would have knocked her over if not for the tree at her back, the one that she caught herself against as she gasped in shocked pain. Rhoelyn looked down, her eyes filling with tears that she ignored as the […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 **Rhoelyn:** The human crouches down under the overhang, breathing raggedly. She clutches her shoulder with one hand, the other hanging limply by her side. **Araatris:** Footfalls crunch on the ground above her head, sending dirt skittering, and she holds her breath with great difficulty, starving already for air. **Rhoelyn:** When they fade away, […]