BfA Arc – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Family’s Worth **Araatris:** The disc of half-formed spellwork whips from his hand and hits the Tauren’s chest before she realizes she’s in danger. It pops open and closed. **Rhoelyn:** He stays ready, alert for any other danger, but Relare is the only movement. The paladin crouches over the fallen Tauren, checking her pulse. […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Effort Relare Duskfall sat with his back to the wall, his head laid tiredly against the packed dirt and rock, an exposed root tickling his smooshed ear. “Leo, you’re going to exhaust yourself. It’s time to give up.” Across the small space, separated from his younger brother by a breath of cool underground […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 **Rhoelyn:** The young man presses against the underground wall, shadows hiding him from view. He frowns as the demons pass, sensing that he was close. **Araatris:** A voice rings out from somewhere up ahead, difficult to pinpoint within the echoing space. “Come on, kid. You’ve slept enough, now. Sit up.” **Rhoelyn:** After a […]