BfA Arc – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Wounding and Mending **Rhoelyn:** The huntress stands impatiently at the cave mouth. The wolves pace around her as she watches the blood elven woman eat. “What will you do?” **Araatris:** Galandrie shrugs and mutters around a mouthful of stew, “I’ll head south, of course. There aren’t many options that don’t end in ocean […]

BfA: Thorns of the Heart – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Violent Closure “Please do not ask me to go back, Lannia. I can s-” The elder priestess kneeling at her side as Rhoelyn sat on the edge of the cot cut her off with a shake of her head. “No. We must all rest when we can; you’ve fought too long as it […]

Legion Arc – Chapter 8

**Araatris:** The demon huntress crouches low on the rock jutting from the middle of the cliff, her hooded, eyeless gaze scanning the flurry of activity below. **Rhoelyn:** She shakes her head. Temirra’s long legs allow her to leap up the cliff with minimal climbing. At the top, the others wait, Nysse sleeping. **Araatris:** Tsume yawns […]