Attachment: Daybreak

The priestess lounged by the edge of the moonwell in the burgeoning dawn, her gown splayed over her bent legs and wetted by the early morning dew clinging to the grass around her. She rested her chin on her fist, her elbow on the age-worn rock forming the lip of the moonwell’s basin while her other arm flopped straight, her fingers dangling in the luminous water. Her gaze dristy and tired, she watched the sky lighten, purples giving way to pinks and oranges and finally blues.

It wasn’t until the sun had risen far enough to be a full circle in a clear sky that she pulled herself from her thoughts, glancing down at the blank parchment and charcoal by her arm. Rhoelyn smiled to herself and lifted up to her knees, settling comfortably before the paper and wiping her wet fingers on her skirt. Charcoal in hand, she settled in to the last, most anticipated task of her night.

My dearest brother,

I’ve just received your latest letter. Your descriptions of your day in the city make me long to visit Darnassus. It’s been too long since I spent a quiet afternoon in the Temple of Elune, listening to the Lady’s whispers. I will likely find a day or two to go while you both are away.

By now, I imagine your vessel to Stormwind has set sail. It is a long journey in which I know you’ll be silent; I will continue to write so that you have a stack of my letters awaiting you when you dock in the human capital.

I understand why you did not take the portals, though I find today that I wish you had. I feel uneasy in my heart about this trip in a way that I seldom do when you travel. It drives me to pray to Elune for your safety.

Be clever, my brother. Be strong. Be safe. Both of you.

The petite priestess paused at the end of the line, pressing her hand to her chest with a shaky sigh. Acknowledging the tremor at the center of her only made it ache, and she took a moment to steady herself, looking up through the trees at the little house just barely visible on the bank of the lake a few leagues away. It peered at her through a gap in the leaves, empty and dark and waiting to be filled.

After a while, the silver-haired night elf returned to her task, her hand more steady.

I know Nysse will want to know all about the pups, so you will have to tell her for me that they are wonderful. Tsume misses her, of course, but she is enjoying taking care of the babies. Loving them and teasing them and teaching them. They are a good brood, but at seven, she is more taxed than last time. I help where I can and where she lets me. I even snared a pair of squirrels for her, yesternight, to save her a bit of energy on the hunt. I did not have time amongst my duties, tonight, but I will make sure to do so tomorrow.

The entire family is quite pleased with the den that you two built for them. I would swear that Tsume grins smugly every time she pads in there and turns a circle to get comfy. I could be mistaken, but I think she believes she ordered you both to make it. Hers is the pride of an alpha wolf who’s been well served.

The priestess giggled aloud at the thought, smiling fondly at the page.

Tonight, I will pay a visit to shan’do Verune. He has been typically enigmatic and asked me to come help with an unspecified task. I really will have to give him a piece of my mind if he has another store closet he wants organized, this time! He seems to see me as his little thero’shan’s sister and forget that I have more important duties as a priestess.

It is relatively cute, though. Verune is very… fatherly, I suppose.

Rhoelyn yawned and glanced up from her work, resting a fond hand on the little white pup curled up in her lap.

And then she blinked and looked down at said pup, surprised. “Nora! When did you get here?” She looked around for Tsume and the rest of the litter, but the morning was suspiciously devoid of other wolves. The priestess sighed and stroked the puppy’s ears. “Oh, dear. Did you escape your mother, again, little warrior? You know Tsume will get upset at me for this, don’t you?”

The child just flicked an ear, resting happily under her hand with a satisfied wolfy grin.

“Tsk,” Rhoelyn clicked, smiling despite herself. “You are incorrigible.”

“Well, I am nearly done here. It will be safest if you stay with me. You are too small to wander the city by yourself, Nora. Really, you must be careful.” When she wagged a finger at the pup, it only got her a mischievous look and small teeth gnawing on the digit. The priestess sighed, using her left hand to tickle the pup’s round belly with a smile. “Come now, troublesome girl. I need my hand back. Here, have the other.”

With the little white wolf distracted, Rhoelyn freed her right hand and picked up her charcoal once more. She idly teased the pup and let her gnaw on her left as she quickly reread and finished her letter.

I will spend the rest of tomorrow at the northern district. I expect it to be relatively uneventful. I will take some seeds to plant at the moonwell there.

As ever, dear brother, I miss you when you are gone. Though my floors are cleaner and my cupboards less bare without you. Take care of yourself and our sister. You carry my love and Elune’s blessings with you wherever you go.

Signing the letter with a flourish, Rhoelyn picked it up, blowing across it gently as was her habit. She deftly folded it and pressed her hand upon the resultant seam, whispering a simple Seal. The magic settled around the paper, and she smiled as she turned it over and used her finger to scribe Rhese’s name in lines of power across the front.

Stretching across the warming grass, the priestess dislodged her furry little lap wolf, earning herself a yip of annoyance. “Apologies, Nora,” she mumbled, tugging her satchel closer and tucking the letter safely within. She paused to pat a hand over a large, long yawn before she looked down at the pup. “Well, little warrior. Will you walk or ride?”

The white wolf’s answer was to crawl back up in her lap, so Rhoelyn scooped her up as she stood, holding her close. “A ride, then. Let us get you home to your mother.”

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