BC Arc – Chapter 1

Araatris: … and then she trips and falls and the ORB OF ULTIMATE POWER slips from her sweat-drenched hands. Who will pick it up?!
Rhoelyn: A bird flies in and grabs it. A Druid of the Cenarion Circle, of course!
Araatris: Rhese grins to himself, thinking of all the ladies he can impress with an ORB OF ULTIMATE POWER as he banks hard…
Rhoelyn: The girl shoots an arrow past him and seems to be yelling. Among other words “Not fair!” is heard.
Araatris: Rhese cranes his head around for one last look. Who knows? She might be a hottie. As he does so, he plows right into (c)
Araatris: (c) the spongy cap of a Zangarmarsh mushroom and careens off to the side, stunned. The ORB drops from his talons…
Rhoelyn: A broken male picks it up and looks at it curiously. His eyes go to where it dropped from and then to the yelling a distance away.
Araatris: The girl runs toward the little broken, her pet teramoth flitting in her wake. “Hey! That’s mine!” she screeches in rough Draenish.
Rhoelyn: The broken smiles remorsefully, “I believe it is the other way around, child.”
Araatris: The girl blinks at the unexpected response. “Umm… right. So, give it back?” Dismissing his words, she holds out her hand.
Rhoelyn: The broken sighs. “You claim things without knowing what they are, child. It will be your death.” He holds out the item to her.
Araatris: The warning is enough to give her pause, and the hunter peers at the broken, her hand hovering over the ORB. “Wh-what do you-” FWMP
Rhoelyn: The bird swoops in once more and grabs the ORB in a claw. The force is enough to knock both broken and the huntress to the side.
Araatris: His caws of laughter ring from the distance by the time she clambers back to her feet, but she whips out a Mark just in time.
Rhoelyn: Stringing up another arrow the lithe huntress lets loose with a well aimed shot. She would not let him have it!
Araatris: Rhese screeched as the arrow pierced his leg, just high of the ORB he held in his talons. He REFUSED to drop it again, floundering.
Rhoelyn: Running to keep Rhese in sight, the huntress lets loose another shot. “Drop it unless you want more feathers, Vulture!”
Araatris: The druid’s erratic attempts to reach the ground narrowly save him from another piercing. He splashes into the swamp.
Araatris: Rounding a mushroom stalk, she peers warily down at a sludge-covered nightelven male busy tugging her arrow out of his calf.
Rhoelyn: “Give me the ORB and I promise not to hurt you…more.” She glares down at the male. “I don’t take kindly to people who steal.”
Araatris: Rhese gives her a surly glare, gritting his teeth as he yanks out the arrow and slaps a simple heal on the wound. “You’re confused”
Rhoelyn: “Confused?! You took the ORB I dropped!” She growls and moves closer to look for the ORB. She wouldn’t let HIM leave with it.
Araatris: “Yes, I did.” Sighing as the pain in his leg fades, Rhese slowly moves to stand. “Tell me, lovely. Do you remember your name?”
Rhoelyn: “Of course I do! It’s… It’s…” The bow starts to lower as she looks irritated and confused. “It doesn’t matter.” She frowns.
Araatris: The druid’s gaze lowers sadly. “Ah… I’m sorry, darling, but it matters quite a bit. You’ve already lost a lot of yourself to it.”
Rhoelyn: She tenses and resights her arrow on Rhese. Her arms tremble with the effort. “The only thing I’ve lost is the ORB. Give it back!”
Araatris: He sighs again, gaze hardening. “Out of the question, sorry. I’d really rather you didn’t make me fight you. I’m more of a lover.”
Rhoelyn: She freezes w/ a desperate look before taking unexpected action. Dropping her bow, she dives towards the faint glimmer of the ORB.
Araatris: Rhese steps back, intending a simple dodge as she lunges toward him, but his calf, still stiff from recent healing, betrays him.
Rhoelyn: The girl falls on him and reaches for the ORB which he’s unitentionally blocking. “Almost…” Her fingertips brush the surface.
Araatris: “If you wanted option two, all you had to do was ask,” he announces with a grin, clamping his hand around her wrist. “Leave it.”
Rhoelyn: The girl looks flustered and finally glances up to look at Rhese’s face. “H-hey! Let go!” She tugs back on her wrist.
Araatris: “Sorry, lovely, but I’m hoping the less you handle it, the less it affects you.” He leans close, whispering, “Wait. Ten minutes.”
Rhoelyn: A slight flush rises in her cheeks as she looks towards to ORB. “Its just an orb..” The girl attempts to reach with her other hand.
Araatris: Abandoning propping himself up to grab her other wrist, Rhese lays back in the swamp. “If it’s just an orb, why do you SO need it?”
Rhoelyn: Flushed and confused, the girl squirms at the awkward position. “I don’t knooow. I just do!” She whimpers as she stares at the ORB.
Araatris: “No, you don’t.” The druid frowns, all playfulness gone. “Close your eyes. Don’t look at it. You need to get it out of your head.”
Rhoelyn: The girl trembles, but seems to be attempting to listen as she looks towards him. “W-what is it?” She narrows her eyes to focus.
Araatris: Rhese shakes his head. “We don’t know, yet, but more and more of them keep cropping up, infecting their finders with obsession and madness.”
Rhoelyn: The girl lays her forehead against Rhese’s chest as if trying to block it out. Her voice carries up, “Nysse. I’m Nysse…”
Araatris: “Hello, Nysse,” he smiles. “I’m Rhese. You’re doing well.” With a gentle hand, he pats her back. “Let’s get out of the muck, okay?”
Rhoelyn: She nods quietly and seems to be forcing herself to only look at him as she lets him up. “Rhese, why doesn’t it affect you?”
Araatris: “Who says it doesn’t?” the druid smirks, wiping some goo from his hair as he straightens. “But forewarned is forearmed. I resist.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse hugs herself. “Good for you. I’m scared to even look at it now. I still want to you know.” She closes her eyes and looks away
Araatris: He nods, leaning down to pick up the mucky ORB and tuck it deep into the bottom of his pack. “Its influence will continue to fade.”
Rhoelyn: “Thank you…” Nysse looks embarrassed, but keeps her eyes closed. “What are you going to do with it? Are you studying them?”
Araatris: Rhese grins. “Well, smarter and more patient druids than I am certainly are. Yes.” He sobers. “These… things have killed many.”
Rhoelyn: “Kill?” Nysse opens her eyes and looks terrified. Her eyes slide to the backpack before she forcibly looks at Rhese again.
Araatris: “Yes.” Rhese places a gentle hand on her shoulder. “But you’re free and now forewarned, lovely. You won’t be caught again. Right?”
Rhoelyn: “Yes.” Nysse smiles shyly. “You’re right. I’ll be careful.” She pauses to think before continuing, “Do you think we’ll meet again?”
Araatris: He takes her hand, lifting it to his lips. “While I am hunting orbs, I hope not. But there are always off-duty hours.” He winks.
Rhoelyn: Nysse turns a pretty shade of crimson and smiles. “Off-duty, mm? And just how do you think you’ll find me?” She looks up coyly.
Araatris: He feigns a sad look. “Well, it’s a big world. It could be very hard. Unless… you found yourself in the inn, Lower City, say 8?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse ponders for several moments. “Well… I have to wash my hair…” She pauses evilly. “But yes, I can manage that.” She grins.
Araatris: The druid smiles in return, taking a couple steps back. “Until later, Nysse dear. Take care of yourself.” With a wave, he shifts.
Rhoelyn: The huntress waves and watches him before picking up her discarded bow and arrows. With a happy little hum she heads to Shattrath.

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