BC Arc – Chapter 11

Rhoelyn The group returns to Cenarion Refuge. Nysse and Kaerryn are separated from the rest and sent to the healers to assess the orb’s influence.
Araatris After briefings, Rhese makes his way into the healers’ building, a plate of food and pitcher of water in his hands. His gaze sweeps the space.
Rhoelyn Nysse is laying back on a stone bench with her arm thrown over her eyes. As Rhese approaches, she grumbles, “No more tests today please…”
Araatris Gently, he rests a hand on her elbow. “Anything my lady wishes.” His smile is warm and worried at the same time as he sits beside her.
Rhoelyn “Rhese?” She sits up laboriously and attempts to smile. “I thought you were with Rhoelyn. Is she doing better?” Her gaze slides to the food.
Araatris “She’s perfectly fine,” he says, handing her the plate. “Just resting. I’m more worried about you. I don’t understand why you collapsed.”
Rhoelyn Nysse doesn’t reply, but eats quickly. Her movements hide a slight tremor in her hands. Between bites, she asks, “How’d the briefing go?”
Araatris He gives her a droll stare. “I may sometimes be a cat, lovely, but I’m not as easily distracted. Don’t change the subject. Talk to me.”
Rhoelyn Nysse sighs and stares at her food, “They’re not sure. Best guess… I was extremely orb rattled. Rhoelyn was the only thing keeping me up.”
Araatris “So when she fell asleep, you crumbled?” Rhese sounds skeptical. He rests a hand on her cheek, examining her closely. “Now? How do you feel?”
Rhoelyn His worried eyes coaxes the rest out. “I still hear the orbs, Rhese. Whispering. Buzzing.” Nysse takes a trembling breath, “Always buzzing.”
Araatris The druid’s brows furrow, and he leans closer. “Have you told the healers?” He takes her hand. “There aren’t any more orbs here, Nysse.”
Rhoelyn She clings to his hand with both of hers, barely managing to not knock the plate off. “I know, Rhese, but I can’t. I can’t tell them.” (c)
Rhoelyn Nysse shakes her head frantically, “They’ll take me off duty. I’ll be fine after sleep. Maybe Rhoelyn can make it quiet. Then I can sleep.”
Araatris Blinking at her outburst, Rhese sets the plate aside and wraps his free arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. “We’ll figure it out.”
Rhoelyn She lays her head on his shoulder. “Yes, we will…” Nysse is quiet for several minutes, then speaks softly, “I’m sorry Rhoelyn was hurt.”
Araatris He soothes his hand along her back. “It wasn’t your fault, Nysse. In fact, you’re probably the only reason she’s safe, now.”
Rhoelyn Nysse smiles, “I’m glad she okay.” She yawns, “How are you? I didn’t get a chance to check on you. I was worried when I saw you in the cage.”
Araatris Rhese pulls an unpleasant face. “I won’t say it was a good time with that orb trying to screech its way into my head, but I’m fine, now.”
Rhoelyn “I know we just got back, but would it alright if I just slept for a while?” She sits up and yawns again. She pauses as a priest passes by.
Araatris He smiles. “Of course, lovely. Come on.” Taking a hand, he tugs her to her feet and shoves the plate with the remains of her food at her.
Rhoelyn She takes the plate & stands. “We could stay here.” Nysse teases, “Or should I invite you to my quarters? But we haven’t finished our date.”
Araatris Rhese laughs & has the good graces to blush just a tiny bit, but he turns to lead her away to hide it. “Time for dates later. First, you rest.”
Rhoelyn “Trust me. That’s all on my mind,” She chuckles, “And perhaps finishing this meal.” Nysse tilts her head thoughtfully, “Where would be best?”
Araatris He doesn’t answer, just grins and leads her around a corner and into a small apartment. Inside is a now-familiar form curled up on the bed.
Rhoelyn Nysse exclaims under her breath, “Rhese! She’s trying to rest. I don’t want to risk waking her up.” She tugs his hand back towards the door.
Araatris “Hush,” he says it gently, his grip on her hand unyielding. He reaches down and gently shakes the priestess’s shoulder. “Rhoe. We need you.”
Rhoelyn Nysse squirms, but stays quiet as Rhoelyn opens her eyes sleepily, “Hmmmm…Rhese? What is it?” She sits up slightly and notices Nysse.
Araatris “You’re hurting.” It’s not a question. With a wince, Rhoelyn reaches for Nysse, scooting over to make room for her to sit down. “… loud.”
Rhoelyn Rhese pushes Nysse towards the bed. “She can’t sleep.” Rhoelyn takes her free hand. Nysse looks at her & protests, “You’re still recovering.”
Araatris She smiles warmly, drowsily. “Come, then, and join the club. Sit.” Rhoe tugs on Nysse, already starting to gather magic around their hands.
Rhoelyn Nysse wobbly sits bed, “Are either of you giving me a choice?” She holds the plate up to Rhese. “I can’t sleep and eat at the same time.”
Araatris Rhese shares an unreadable look with his sister. At her nod, he places his hand over theirs & weaves something green & drowsy into the spell.
Rhoelyn “What are you doing…?” Nysse’s head droops and her eyes close. Rhese smiles and takes the teetering plate. “Thanks, Rhoe. Can you watch her?”
Araatris “Of course, brother,” She gently lays Nysse down & settles into a comfortable position beside her. Yawning, she whispers, “She’s safe with me.”
Rhoelyn “I know she is.” He grins broadly, “I’ll be back soon.” Rhese pulls a cover over them. “Rest well.” He sets the plate on a table and leaves.
Araatris Making his way back to the healers’, the druid pauses in front of his former partner, his arms folding warily across his chest. “Kaerryn.”
Rhoelyn “Rhese.” She inclines her head. “I won’t do anything. They’ve placed a guard for now.” Kaerryn gestures to two Rangers standing to the side.
Araatris Rhese glances at them before his keen gaze goes back to the human. “Tell me a story, Kaerryn. We didn’t part on the best of terms, but… this?”
Rhoelyn Kaerryn frowns, “It had nothing to do with you.” She puts a hand on her hip. “I took solo jobs to cool off. One of my employers had an Orb.”
Araatris He relents a bit, body language thawing. He asks his next question more gently. “How long have you been in there?”
Rhoelyn “Almost a year, but it didn’t affect me like Nysse.” Kaerryn pauses and holds out her hand, “Thank them for me. I’m don’t trust myself yet.”
Araatris Rhese looks pained at her answer and takes the proffered hand. “I thought you were just holding a grudge. I should have looked for you.”
Rhoelyn “Don’t you dare get sappy on me, fuzz butt.” Kaerryn grins, “Everything will work itself out, so don’t worry about me. How’s the girls?”
Araatris “They’re…” He sighs, rubbing at his cheek. “Nysse is suffering after being in the warren for so long. I have to figure out how to stop it.”
Rhoelyn Kaerryn frowns, “Stop it? I thought she’d be fine once we came here.” She connects the dots, “You’re here to talk to one of the healers?”
Araatris “The best healer I know is with her,” he frowns, “but Rhoe can only protect her, not stop the attack. I need what you know. To end this.”
Rhoelyn “They need an open mind. People like me are only useful so far.” Kaerryn shrugs. “They want her to mother… bear children in the new world.”
Araatris “I know that much. They told me. What I don’t know is how to reach them. How to stop them and their orbs and their Nightmare-cursed machine.”
Rhoelyn “Holy magic, Rhese. They’re weak to the Light. Why else do you think Rhoelyn’s able to heal your lady and myself?” She crosses her arms.
Araatris Rhese considers that for a long moment, hooking a stool with his boot and sliding it over. “So… what happens if we start destroying orbs?”
Rhoelyn Kaerryn considers his question. “Best case. They’ve are dazed, but free. Worst. The feedback kills those currently affected. No one’s tried.”
Araatris Rubbing his face wearily, the druid settles down in front of his friend. “It’s risky, but we need a way around that throng. Brute won’t work.”
Rhoelyn She sits on one of the nearby benches. “Well, I have one idea, but you won’t like it. Nysse dropped an orb down a hole in the tunnels, but…”
Araatris Rhese watches her struggle for words, smirking slightly, until finally he intones, “It’s not like you to mince words, Kaer. Out with it.”
Rhoelyn Kaerryn sighs, “It’s the Orb they tested with Nysse and that I used on her. You may be able to use Nysse and it to overload the others.”
Araatris “Use Nysse?” His frown is instant and accompanied by a very feral snarl. “You’re right. I don’t like it. I think you’d better explain.”
Rhoelyn Kaerryn raises an eyebrow, “It’s a guess, but she may still be linked. Use the connection and flood it with healing magic. Could be safer.”
Araatris Despite his immediate disdain for the idea, Rhese forces himself to sit still and consider it. After a bit, he sighs. “I’ll talk to the others.”
Rhoelyn “You asked for an idea.” Kaerryn shakes her head, “I’m not suggesting that you do it or that it’s a good one, but it’s better than nothing.”
Araatris “If we can do this… Or something like it…” he grumbles, “can you take us to the machine? Can we destroy it?” Rhese peers at Kaerryn.
Rhoelyn Kaerryn frowns, “I don’t know anything for sure, Rhese. I’ll take you wherever I can and I’ll do whatever I can to help you destroy it.”
Araatris After a thoughtful few seconds of assessment, Rhese’s smile returns, and he holds out his hand, standing. “It’s good to have you back, kid.”
Rhoelyn She takes his hand, “I never thought I’d say this, but it’s good to see you.” Kaerryn grins, “I’d appreciate a chance to get back at them.”
Araatris The two clasp fists. “Stick with me, partner. I’ll make sure you get lots of chances. I know how you love to put a boot in a face.” He laughs.
Rhoelyn Kaerryn chuckles, “On another topic: dare I ask what the story is on Nysse?” She shoots Rhese a shrewd look, “Is she your girl or teammate?”
Araatris The druid considers and discards quite a few responses, his hesitation noticeable. Watching him, Kaerryn’s brows raise. “Huh. It’s like that.”
Rhoelyn “Didn’t think I’d see the day that a girl would make you speechless.” She shakes her head and shoos him away. “Go on. You have things to do.”
Araatris “Yeah…” he chuckles self-consciously. “Ask me again after we save her and the world, okay?” Rhese trudges out to the compound’s moonwell.
Rhoelyn He catches sight of Calinea speaking with two priestesses off to the side. When she sees Rhese, she breaks off the conversation quickly.
Araatris “… Cal?” The druid approaches with his brows raised, watching his teammate suspiciously. “Good afternoon. You look like you rested, finally.”
Rhoelyn “Yes, I did. What about yourself, Rhoelyn, and Nysse?” Calinea smiles and waves for him to join her at a nearby table.
Araatris He follows obediently, plunking himself down. “The girls are sleeping,” he says, scrubbing a hand over his face. “I talked to Kaerryn.”
Rhoelyn Relief shows plainly on Cal’s face, “Sleeping? Thank goodness.” She frowns, “That doesn’t explain your look. Did your talk go that badly?”
Araatris Frowning, Rhese traces his finger along some cracks in the tabletop. “She offered a… suggestion. A way to destroy the orbs. I hate it.”
Rhoelyn Cal regards Rhese evenly, “You wouldn’t have mentioned it if you didn’t think it had merit.” She pours a cup of water and pushes it to him.
Araatris “It’s a good idea,” he sighs, then pauses to take a drink. “But it means using Nysse’s connection to the orbs. Who knows what it could do to her. ”
Rhoelyn She gets herself a drink as well. “Have you asked her?” Calinea sips from her cup. “Perhaps you should also brief me on the full plan.”
Araatris “I don’t want to wake her. But here’s the idea…” Rhese fills her in. “Now tell me it’s a bad plan and that Nysse shouldn’t be involved.”
Rhoelyn There’s a long silence. She sighs, “It’s risky with no guarantee of success. But… we’re running out of time. Do you have any better ideas?”
Araatris With a weary, unhappy sigh, he rests his head on his folded arms. “There’s not much I wouldn’t give to say I did. But I don’t.”
Rhoelyn Calinea pats him on the arm, “Let me research it with the team. I have to take it to Ysiel as well.” She nudges him, “Go and get some rest.”
Araatris After a pause, Rhese pushes to his feet, giving her a grateful look. “Alright. I will. You find us a better idea. Any better idea. Please.”
Rhoelyn Cal speaks firmly, “I’ll do what I can, Rhese. I’d rather not put anyone at risk with the Orbs.” Rhese smiles & heads to check on the ladies.
Araatris Stifling a huge yawn, the druid slips into the little apartment and pads over to the bedside. While not a cat at the moment, he harnesses its silent movement.
Rhoelyn He lets out a relieved sigh to see them still resting. Rhese shifts into a cat as he lays on the floor by the bed. Sleep claims him quickly.

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