BC Arc – Chapter 16

Rhoelyn Nysse follows Rhese with childlike trust, her hand in his. Her eyes have the familiar glazed of the Taken, “Are you taking me to the Machine?”
Araatris Rhese glances back at her, unable to keep his brow from furrowing. His voice is light. “Yes, Nysse. We’re going to the Machine. Quietly, remember?”
Rhoelyn She nods. When Valerio moves near the lead, Nysse slips to Rhese’s other side with a glare. She whispers to him, “Why do they have to come?”
Araatris “Because, lovely. I need them to help protect you,” he whispers back, edging them around one of the crumbling buildings at the warren’s heart.
Rhoelyn She nods reluctantly and clings to his hand. Valerio asks quietly, “Can you see her?” Rhese frowns, but nods. Nysse peers around the edge, too.
Araatris Nysse smiles at the sight of the Machine, its gleaming pipes and smooth glass surfaces climbing out from a deep pit and up the cavern wall.
Rhoelyn “Pretty.” A tiny squeak of glee escapes. “Let’s go, Rhese!” She keeps it to a loud whisper. Nysse releases Rhese and runs toward the Machine.
Araatris “Nysse!” First Rhese and then Val make grabs for her and miss, but Tsume darts out and snaps her teeth around a boot, tripping her. Too late.
Rhoelyn Nysse sprawls on the ground with a loud thump, causing several Taken to look her way and one familiar figure. She turns and scolds, “Bad Tsume!”
Araatris Kaerryn strides away from the edge of the Machine’s pit, smiling, as Rhese grabs Nysse’s arm and lifts her to her feet, tucking her behind him.
Rhoelyn Rhese firmly grips her wrist. Kaerryn says, “It’s good to see you and… hmm. Interesting. It seems she’s not fully Taken.” Nysse peeks out.
Araatris “So it seems.” Clenching his free fist, Rhese’s gaze goes past her to the crystalline chamber that is suspended over the center of the pit.
Rhoelyn Kaerryn smirks, “Do you like our newest addition?” Nysse tugs urgently on Rhese’s shirt and demands petulantly, “I wanna see Rhoelyn!”
Araatris It’s Kaerryn who answers her, her Taken closing in around them. “She’s been stubborn, Mother dear. Maybe you can convince her to give in.”
Rhoelyn Nysse smiles and steps from behind him, “We can see her?” Kaerryn shakes her head, “Just you, Mother.” Nysse frowns and looks up at Rhese.
Araatris After a moment he nods, tugging her into a hug. “Look after her for me,” he whispers against her ear. Nysse nods as she pulls away. “I remember!”
Rhoelyn Despite being half a head shorter than Rhese, Nysse towers over Kaerryn as she runs past her to the pit. “Hurry! Bring her down,” she orders.
Araatris As it is lowered, Rhese turns to Kaerryn. “So. You’ve betrayed me twice, nearly gotten Nysse killed, and taken my sister. Sound about right?”
Rhoelyn Kaerryn shrugs, “It was unfortunate. It was supposed to make you all Taken. I never intended to kill her. Your sister was necessary afterwards.”
Araatris Nysse stands beside the hulking Founder as the chamber’s chains are drawn in. It chimes softly as it comes to rest against the rim of the pit.
Rhoelyn She pauses to look at the Tauren. He smiles and gently pushes her towards Rhoelyn, “Go on, little Mother.” Rhoelyn looks haggard and wan.
Araatris Nysse unlocks the manacles that dangle from the faceted ceiling, catching the priestess as she stumbles. “Nysse,” Rhoe whispers tearfully.
Rhoelyn “I’m here, Rhoe. I promised Rhese I’d take care of you.” Nysse helps her walk a short way from the Founder, and helps her sit. Nysse hugs her.
Araatris Rhese glances once more over Kaerryn’s shoulder as Nysse helps Rhoe. The smile he levels back at her is feral. “I’m really going to enjoy this.”
Rhoelyn Rhoelyn stares at her in confusion. Nysse’s eyes are unclouded. She stands and commands the Taken. “I am Mother to you all. You will listen.”
Araatris All pairs of eyes in the room turn to her obediently, adoring. All except two. Kaerryn scowls at Rhese. The Founder steps toward Nysse and Rhoe.
Rhoelyn She keeps Rhoelyn behind her, “The Founder and Kaerryn have committed a terrible crime. They tried to kill your Mother and must be punished.”
Araatris Kaerryn gasps at the accusation, turning away from Rhese and Val as the Taken crowd rumbles. “No!” The Founder growls and grabs for Nysse.
Rhoelyn The Founder grabs her ponytail as she ducks, but Nysse grabs her dagger and slashes upwards. Rhese sprints towards Nysse, “Val! The Machine!”
Araatris Valerio lets out a shrill whistle, raising his gun. Chimerae and Sansea stand on one of the balconies higher on the ruins. They begin to cast.
Rhoelyn The sharp crack of Valerio’s gun and breaking glass causes the Founder to snap around as he grabs his bleeding arm. Rhese shifts into a bear.
Araatris Kaerryn shouts, “Liars! Betrayers! They’re trying to destroy the Machine! Stop them!” She rushes after Rhese, drawing her heavy sword.
Rhoelyn Rhese hits the Founder with all of his weight, knocking the Tauren towards the pit. Nysse dives towards Kaerryn while the Taken stir in confusion.
Araatris With a shout, the Founder tumbles over the edge. Rhese has barely turned before there’s a flash. The man reappears beside him, mace swinging.
Rhoelyn The mace hits Rhese’s shoulder and he stumbles to the side. Nysse slips under Kaerryn’s arm as she raises her blade and yells to Val, “Bow!”
Araatris Rhese roars and swings back, swiping his claws down the Founder’s chest. He’s rewarded with a sneer as the Tauren throws an arc of lightning.
Rhoelyn Nysse grabs the bow and quiver from Val and spins around. She draws and aims for Kaerryn. Rhese is singed as he lunges forward to bite.
Araatris As Nysse is about to loose, the Taken around her crowd in, grabbing at her like adoring fanatics and throwing off her shot. They chant, “Mother!”
Rhoelyn Nysse attempts to calm them, but as she talks they become more frenzied and she becomes lost in the crowd. Wrune tries to shove into the Taken.
Araatris “Back! Let me through!” The paladin shouts, applying his hammer and elbows in equal measure to make his way to her. He grabs for her arm.
Rhoelyn When her glazed glare looks up, Wrune feels his stomach sink, “Nysse…” She yanks her arm, but he tightens his hold. Wrune winces, “I’m sorry.”
Araatris The paladin yanks her close despite her struggles, grimacing as the Taken continue to press in. He shoves them away with a bubble of Light.
Rhoelyn Wrune breaks through to the other side of the crowd. Kaerryn stands waiting for them and grinning wickedly, “The Mother has fully awakened.”
Araatris Vulf clears the Taken crowd around Wrune, snarling and biting, and Val takes up position on his flank. “You won’t have her, Kaerryn.”
Rhoelyn Kaerryn gestures with her sword, “Valerio, we already have her.” Wrune pins Nysse’s arms, leaving her to ineffectively kick his plated shins.
Araatris Valerio curses and levels his rifle at his former teammate. “Whatever you do, Wrune, do NOT let her go.” He grimaces when Kaerryn just grins.
Rhoelyn Wrune nods, “I won’t.” Val clenches his teeth, “Last chance to stop it all, Kaerryn.” Kaerryn charges Valerio and yells, “Rescue the Mother!”
Araatris “No!” There’s a scream from the lip of the chasm, and Rhoelyn throws herself at the edge, grabbing Rhese’s arm just as he tumbles over.
Rhoelyn The Taken Nysse freezes then renews her frantic struggles, but towards the siblings, “Rhese!” The Founder hovers over Rhese and Rhoelyn.
Araatris “Enough foolishness,” the Tauren rumbles. He grabs Rhoelyn’s arm, yanking her, and she screams once more as her grip slips down Rhese’s glove.
Rhoelyn Nysse snarls at Wrune, “Let me go before we lose them!” Startled, his grip slips so Nysse can aim her bow. An arrow shrieks through the air.
Araatris Wrune looks around as her arrow strikes, the Founder’s bellow of pain ringing through the huge cavern. Everyone else is hampered by the crowd.
Rhoelyn Another arrow flies, “You will not harm the Father or the Sister!” The Founder snarls and releases Rhoelyn. Wrune pushes her towards them, “Go!”
Araatris The Taken part for her at a thought, but when Wrune moves to follow, Valerio backs into him, staggering them both. The way closes behind her.
Rhoelyn Valerio shoots, “Really? You let her-!” Wrune presses at the crowd, “She’s the only one who can get to them!” Another Taken falls by his hammer.
Araatris “You are no good at following directions,” Val grumbles, watching Nysse. “Talk less. Fight more.” Wrune catches Kaerryn’s blade on his hammer.
Rhoelyn Nysse bolts across the cavern, throwing her onto her stomach near Rhoelyn. She grabs Rhese and pulls upwards. The Founder steps on Nysse.
Araatris “Your heart is misguided,” he snarls, digging his hoofpoints into the muscles of her back. “The New World doesn’t need him. Only you, Mother.”
Rhoelyn She screams, but manages through ragged breaths, “I’d rather die than live without him. He’s the only one I’ll accept.” Rhoelyn murmurs a prayer.
Araatris “That’s foolishness.” The Light around Rhoe’s hands flickers weakly. With a sigh, the Founder reaches down and grabs Rhese’s arm from them.
Rhoelyn “Why? He’s proven more than capable of being my mate.” Nysse kneels and watches carefully. Rhese is laid on the ground in front of her.
Araatris “Because he resists. He is not tuned to the old ways.” Wincing, he bows. “But if it is your wish, Mother…” Rhoe shrinks back as he grabs her arm.
Rhoelyn She stands and draws her bow. The arrowhead presses against The Founder’s chest. “The Sister is off limits as well. Find another power source.”
Araatris The Founder fixes her with a stern look. “You know it must be her. Now.” He raises a hand as another of Chimerae’s fireballs hits the machine.
Rhoelyn Nysse stumbles into him as if she was the one hit. She whispers in shock, “The heart is on fire.” He drags Rhoe as he turns and shouts, “No!”
Araatris Rhese stirs as the Founder tugs Rhoelyn toward the chamber urgently. She struggles, pulling at his grip, but she’s weak and unfocused.
Rhoelyn Nysse looks between Rhese and Rhoelyn, and with a grim smile walks to the Founder, “How many Mothers do you have left?” She grabs his wrist.
Araatris He frowns, pulling against her grip. “There are too few since THIS one freed so many from our control.” Another spell impacts the Machine.
Rhoelyn Nysse yells to Calinea, “Free the women!” She tightens her grip and draws her dagger. “I will not have the new world built in this manner.”
Araatris The Founder roars. “She is one life! You would trade that against the only hope for the future?” Behind Nysse, Rhese climbs to his feet.
Rhoelyn Tears form in Nysse’s eyes. “A new world built off pain? Suffering? Control? Why? What’s so wrong with the current world with people we love?!”
Araatris The Tauren leans close to her, hissing, “That broken, violent world will kill everything you love, Mother.” He yanks his wrist from her grip.
Rhoelyn Nysse snarls through her tears, “The world hasn’t done anything. YOU have.” She puts both hands around her dagger and swings down into his back.
Araatris The Founder roars in pain. “You-!” Stumbling, he swings at her. “You have.. no place in… the new world!” As she dodges, Rhese steps beside her.
Rhoelyn Rhese catches the Founder’s fist and growls, “Get your hands off both of them.” Nysse gasps, her eyes wide at his feral and angry expression.
Araatris The Tauren yanks Rhoelyn behind him releasing her to stumble and fall by the chamber. He draws his mace, swinging wildly. “I will not be stopped.”
Rhoelyn Nysse slides behind the Founder. “Come with me!” She pulls Rhoelyn’s arm over her shoulder and pulls her at a fast limp towards the team.
Araatris Rhese shifts as the Tauren’s mace swings over his head, pouncing at him savagely. His claws rip broad furrows in the other’s back, and he yowls.
Rhoelyn “Tsume!” Her wolf runs over, “Guard Rhoe!” Calinea meets them part way, taking Rhoelyn from her. “This will take time to heal.” Nysse nods.
Araatris Rhoelyn clutches at Nysse’s arm. “The heart,” she whispers hoarsely. “ ‘S… so wounded. Help it… remember…” Cal supports her weight as she sags.
Rhoelyn Nysse whispers sadly, “I know it’s in pain. I feel it, too.” She slips through the Kaerryn’s and Wrune’s fight on the way back to glass chamber.
Araatris Rhese circles the Founder on bloody paws as he kneels on the ground, gasping and wheezing and bleeding from his growing collection of wounds.
Rhoelyn Nysse frowns as she examines the Machine. The chamber was only way to the heart. She enters to see if there’s a way to move it from the inside.
Araatris The Taken who operate the two chains pulling the chamber in nod at her unspoken desire. It and Nysse begin a slow swing back out over the pit.
Rhoelyn Her skin warms as a fireball flies past her. Panicked yells fade. She only has eyes for the large, crimson orb surrounded by burning pipes.
Araatris After a few minutes, her crystalline vehicle starts to descent into the pit. And a particular voice intrudes on her reverie. “Nysse! No!”
Rhoelyn Nysse spins, her hands supporting the sudden motion, and stares into Rhese’s terrified expression. She frowns in confusion as she descends.
Araatris Rhese shifts into his feathered form, but immediately reverts, grimacing and holding his shoulder. Frantic, he fumbles in the Founder’s pouch.
Rhoelyn The chamber shudders to a slow stop before a soft thump signals its arrival. Nysse carefully exits, but the fires are between her and the heart.
Araatris An arcane crackle is all the warning she gets before Rhese pops into being a few paces away, the Founder’s teleportation stone in his hands.
Rhoelyn Nysse takes a few steps in between the flames when she hears the pop. There’s no time to realize what’s happening before Rhese rushes forward.
Araatris He grabs her shoulders, pulling her away from the flames. “What are you doing? You can’t be here.” He winces as another spell impacts above.
Rhoelyn She points frantically at the heart, “The heart’s on fire! We can’t leave it!” Nysse tries to tug him toward it through the flames. “Please help!”
Araatris “Nysse, wait.” He resists, trying to hold her close. Despite the din, he speaks gently. “We’re here to destroy it, remember? Let it burn.”
Rhoelyn “It’s alive. Do we have a right to choose if it lives or dies?” She winces and whispers, “It burns inside.” Nysse presses her hand to her chest..
Araatris Rhese frowns. “You. All of these people it’s Taken. For you to be free, it has to die. It won’t let you go, lovely. And I won’t let it keep you.”
Rhoelyn Nysse turns and holds onto Rhese’s shirt. She shakes her head, “Rhese, I’m so confused. Everything I feel is telling me to go to the heart.”
Araatris Worried, he pulls her close and leans down to whisper by her ear. “Close your eyes. Don’t look at it. You need to get it out of your head.”
Rhoelyn She nods and closes her eyes. Resting her forehead against his shoulder, she tries to control her trembling. Another crash occurs above.
Araatris Rhese shields her as broken glass and debris lands not far from them before whispering. “You’re doing well. Tell me what you feel, now.”
Rhoelyn “The sound is fading. I feel… empty.” Her hands tighten, bunching the cloth of his shirt in her fists, “I… I don’t want to be here any more.”
Araatris Rhese breathes a sigh of relief, pressing a kiss to Nysse’s temple. “Anything my lady wishes.” He grabs a couple of her explosive arrows.
Rhoelyn Flinging them into fire, he shields Nysse from the explosion. She gasps as the Machine begins to collapse around them. “Rhese! We need to go!”
Araatris With a curt nod, he fishes the Founder’s artifact back out, holding Nysse tight. The spell sings, and they find themselves at the top of the pit.
Rhoelyn They watch as the source of their troubles tumbles into the cavern below. Nysse whispers in the silence that follows, “Are we finally done?”
Araatris Rhese brushes ash from her cheek as the team starts to round up the confused people who used to be Taken. “You tell me. What do you hear?”
Rhoelyn Nysse blushes and looks into his eyes almost shyly, “You.” She ducks her head, embarrassed by her reply, “I mean there’s no orb buzz.”
Araatris Smiling, he says, “Congratulations, lovely. I believe we just saved the world.” When she looks up, he presses a kiss against her lips.
Rhoelyn Nysse squeaks in surprise, turning an even brighter shade of crimson. Her heart beats frantically. Still, she closes her eyes until he pulls away.
Araatris When he finally does, she catches a glimpse of his own blush before he presses his forehead against hers. “Thank you, Nysse,” he whispers.
Rhoelyn “I-I should be thanking you, Rhese.” She shifts nervously, “If not for you, I’d be lost.” She strokes a stray lock of silver spun hair.
Araatris He straightens, failing to clarify his statement. After a final perusal of her face, his grin turns playful. “Now you smell like swamp and smoke.”
Rhoelyn Her expression is incredulous, “It’s not like you smell like roses either.” She sticks her tongue out playfully. A polite cough interrupts them.
Araatris Calinea approaches, her knowing gaze raking over them. Rhese blushes slightly and releases Nysse from his embrace. “Cal. How is everyone?”
Rhoelyn Nysse takes a step away pays attention to a very demanding Tsume. Cal glances over her shoulder, “Confused, but fine. Rhoelyn will need rest.”
Araatris Rhese nods. “The Founder is dead. Kaerryn?” Cal gestures back toward the others. “She’s subdued. And contrite. You should talk to her, Rhese.”
Rhoelyn “I’m not sure,” he sighs. Nysse takes his hand, “Just listen. I’ll be with you.” Rhese reluctantly nods, “I’ll listen, lovely, since you asked.”
Araatris Nysse can feel his tension in his tightening grip on her hand as they approach Kaerryn, the human bound and sitting on a bit of rubble.
Rhoelyn Kaerryn looks up as they approach and grimaces. When Rhese is silent, she starts, “I’ve done terrible things. It’s not enough, but I’m sorry.”
Araatris He just considers her for a moment, his gaze slanting over to where his sister lays with her head resting on someone’s pack. He clenches his jaw.
Rhoelyn Kaerryn follows his gaze and closes her eyes, “I nearly killed both of them…” She smiles morosely, “Don’t worry. They’ll lock me up this time.”
Araatris Nysse rests her other hand on his arm, and he looks at her. His voice is a low growl as he says, “I know better than some that you… (c)
Araatris (c) weren’t all you. I know it. But I need time.” His lip curls in a snarl as he glares at his former partner. “Right now, I just want to see you bleed.”
Rhoelyn Kaerryn nods, “That’s fair. Take as long as you need.” Nysse pulls Rhese away, “Take a deep breath, Rhese, and let’s check on Rhoelyn.”
Araatris The druid obediently does as he’s told, and when one deep breath doesn’t help, he takes a couple more until he can smooth his scowl.
Rhoelyn Nysse waits until the tension eases in his grip, “Are you ready?” At Rhese’s nod, they walk to where Rhoelyn is laying and talking to Wrune.
Araatris As they fall silent, Rhese kneels at his sister’s side, welcoming the bright – if tired – smile she offers him. He presses her hand between his.
Rhoelyn Nysse squeezes his shoulder and steps away to give them privacy. She murmurs quietly with Wrune. Rhese smiles weakly, “How are you doing?”
Araatris “I am tired, brother, but not harmed. I just… I understand why Nysse dreaded to sleep, now. They were always there, waiting… grasping…”
Rhoelyn At mention of Nysse, he glances her direction and back at Rhoelyn, “I can’t imagine what either of you went through. I’m glad you’re okay.”
Araatris She nods, closing her eyes for a moment. “The Machine is dead.” It’s not a question. “… Kaerryn? The Founder?” Rhese grimaces.
Rhoelyn “The Founder is dead. Kaerryn is alive.” He looks away, “She says they’re going to lock her up. I’d rather punch her.” He sighs and rubs his face.
Araatris Rhoelyn rubs the back of his hand. “When you have had time to let your heart settle, you’ll find the space to forgive. She’s your friend.”
Rhoelyn Rhese bows his head and slowly nods, “I can’t right now, but…” He glances over at Nysse again. “I’ll come with you to Darnassus, Rhoelyn.”
Araatris “I’ll be selfish and let you,” she whispers, rolling on her side toward him. When she presses his hand against her forehead, he feels her tremble.
Rhoelyn “Rhoelyn…” He brushes her hair back, “I’m here. They can’t hurt you any more.” Nysse watches them, not hearing a word that Wrune just said.
Araatris Wrune trails off, following her gaze. He looks back at Nysse sympathetically. “I’d offer a penny for your thoughts if they weren’t so obvious…”
Rhoelyn “I’m sorry, Wrune. What were you saying?” She pushes a stray hair out of her face, “I’m supposed to go back to the Cenarion Refuge with Ysiel?”
Araatris The human looks amused. “I suppose that’s between you and Ysiel. And Rhese.” He folds his arms across his chest, giving her a knowing look.
Rhoelyn Nysse looks flustered, “He’s busy with his sister right now, so I’ll just leave them be.” She looks about, “I really should check on Ysiel.”
Araatris Wrune nods and points. “Look over there. You know, you’d be justified in asking for at least a few days to rest. Nysse, you did well. Thank you.”
Rhoelyn Nysse looks up at the ceiling with a tiny smile, “You’re welcome, but I should work. Anyway, Rhoelyn needs Rhese.” She hurries towards Ysiel.
Araatris The paladin watches her go, shaking his head slightly. Not far away, Ysiel stands among the gathering staff from the Refuge, taking stock.
Rhoelyn Her teacher looks tired as she directs the rangers. She smiles when she sees Nysse, “It is good to see that you are well, Nyssera.” Nysse nods.
Araatris Ysiel faces her. “You have succeeded against great odds. This I understand much better, now. As a consequence, you have a choice before you.”
Rhoelyn Nysse shifts uneasily, “What choice, shan’do? I’d assumed that I would return with you to Cenarion Refuge.” Ysiel looks pointedly at the twins.
Araatris “They can offer you something broader than you might find at the Refuge, Nysse.” She says gently. “And you make a very effective team.”
Rhoelyn Nysse glances at Rhese and Rhoelyn and looks away uncomfortably, “Ysiel,” She tugs on her tunic, “I think they need some time alone after this.”
Araatris Ysiel frowns at her. “Jealousy does not become you, thero’shan. You would like to demand his heart. Yet you think it’s too small for you both?”
Rhoelyn Her shoulders droop, “No, I don’t, but when I look at them I don’t understand where I fit and I get confused. I’ve never felt like that before.”
Araatris “Why don’t you go find out where you fit instead of trying to hide? It may be there is already a place for you.” Her teacher gestures toward them.
Rhoelyn Nysse nods. Nervously, she turns and heads back towards the siblings. She couldn’t tell if Rhoelyn was awake, but she still held Rhese’s hand.
Araatris Rhese glances up at her approach and smiles, pressing a finger to his lips. He pats the floor beside him and whispers, “I wondered where you went.”
Rhoelyn Nysse kneels and watches Rhoelyn before whispering back, “I talked with Ysiel.” She looks at Rhese shyly, “I don’t have to return to the Refuge.”
Araatris He offers her his free hand. “What would you like to do, instead? You could at least come to Darnassus for a few days. Rhoe would like that.”
Rhoelyn Nysse takes his hand between hers, “Would that be alright? I don’t want to intrude.” She mumbles, “And maybe for longer than a few days…?”
Araatris Rhese hesitates for only a moment before he grins and kisses the back of her hand. “The first few days can be for Rhoelyn. I get the ones after.”
Rhoelyn Nysse flushes brightly, “Rhoelyn won’t mind?” Her eyes are drawn to the night elf in front of them. “You haven’t had much time with her recently.”
Araatris “We’ll be sure to kick you out when we get tired of you, Nysse.” At her horrified look, he laughs softly and squeezes her hand. “She likes you.”
Rhoelyn Flustered, Nysse whispers louder than intended, “Oh!” She raises her hand to her mouth and immediately checks to make sure she didn’t wake Rhoe.
Araatris Chuckling, he frees his hand to brush a lock of Rhoelyn’s hair back into place. “She told me I could keep you, you know.” He doesn’t look up.
Rhoelyn Nysse blinks, “Keep me… “ She smiles, “I don’t know about keep, that sounds too much like the Taken Rhese, but I’d like to stay by your side.”
Araatris “That me was… heavy-handed, but his heart was in the right place.” Rhese claims Nysse’s hand once more. “It’s not often safe by my side, lovely.”
Rhoelyn She rubs her thumb across the back of his hand, “I didn’t become a ranger because it was safe, Rhese. And someone mentioned… we make a good team.”
Araatris He smiles. “Someone is right about that.” He tugs her closer. “Come to Darnassus. After a few days and… more, we can figure out what comes next.”
Rhoelyn Nysse blushes again, “I’d love to, Rhese.” She grins sheepishly, “Also, I think I might have told you, but my mother is a sentinel in Darnassus.”
Araatris Rhese’s grin twists into a smirk. “Uh-oh. When you mention all this to her, maybe skip the numerous parts where you nearly died. Or starved.”
Rhoelyn She chuckles, “We don’t talk work, but be glad I have my own apartment for when I visit.” Nysse lays her hand over Rhoelyn’s and his hands.
Araatris “I think that right now I have a lot of reasons to be glad, Nysse.” He regards their joined hands warmly before raising his gaze to her face.

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