BC Arc – Chapter 6

Rhoelyn: Nysse leaves her weapons and armor. Wearing a simple tunic and breeches, she heads for the lab area. They’d agreed to meet there.
Araatris: Rhese stands with Verune at the workbench, their heads bent together over a book laying open. The two druids confer in quiet tones.
Rhoelyn: Nysse coughs politely and stands a few steps away looking for the chest from yesterday. “Good morning.” She bows to both of them.
Araatris: They both turn, and Rhese greets her with a big grin. Verune nods politely, intoning, “Nyssera. I hope you rested well.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse smiles, more in response to Rhese than Verune. “Well, enough. What are we doing today? And please… Call me Nysse.”
Araatris: Verune nods, picking his notebook up from the worktop. “I have laid out a series of tests. If you are prepared, we need not delay.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse looks grim. “I don’t believe it is something I CAN prepare for, but I am ready. Whatever will happen, by Elune, will happen.”
Araatris: “Wisely said, sister,” the elder druid offers a smile while he beckons his assistants over. Rhese takes his place at Nysse’s side.
Rhoelyn: Nysse offers Rhese a glance. “Do you know what’s on the table for today and do I want to know?” Her voice betrays her unease.
Araatris: He takes her hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. His eyes betray his concern over his grin. “Verune wants to test wardings.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse tightens her hand around his. “To see which are most effective.” She nods. “That would be extremely useful. I hope it works.”
Araatris: The druid nods as Verune and his assistants approach and begin the symbols and gestures and arcane mutterings of the warding spell.
Rhoelyn: Nysse waits as she keeps a firm control on herself. She mumbles tensely, “It’s not the trials that will get me, but the waiting…”
Araatris: As they finish, Nysse feels her senses dull, the powerful ward snapping into place around her. Rhese stands just beside the bubble.
Rhoelyn: Nysse’s features scrunch in an almost childish look of displeasure. “It’s working. Time for the orb now?” She takes a deep breath.
Araatris: The elder druid nods and gestures to his second assistant. Auura retrieves the chest and approaches, keeping the lid sealed.
Rhoelyn: Nysse reflexively takes a half step back before catching herself and moving back into place. “In sight and no feeling yet.”
Araatris: “Excellent.” Verune scratches some notes in his book before gesturing at Auura, again. The young nightelf cracks the chest’s seal.
Rhoelyn: Nysse stumbles as soon as the lid opens with wide eyes. “Close it!” Her voice sounds choked. She trembles with effort.
Araatris: Auura does so with a snap, looking almost as wide-eyed & shaken as Nysse. She backs away, glancing uneasily at Verune, who frowns.
Rhoelyn: “If a crystal could be desperate… I’d say that one is. It wants me.” Nysse crosses her arms as she regains her composure.
Araatris: Rhese steps through the tattered ward, resting a hand on Nysse’s shoulder. “Even -I- felt that, Verune. This one is… enflamed.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse glances at Rhese in surprise. “It pulled you as well?” She squeezes his hand with hers. “Any of you?” Auura shakes her head.
Araatris: Verune raises a brow, but shakes his head in the negative. On his other side, Ashanderei blushes and mumbles, “Maybe a small tug.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse sighs and nods. “Shall we try something else? If we can find something that blocks one this strong it should be suitable.”
Araatris: Verune hesitates, but finally nods. “Very well.” Soon, another, very different barrier solidifies around Nysse, its magic crackling
Rhoelyn: Nysse settles into a stance to brace herself. “I’m ready, brother.” She stares at the chest Auura holds. Auura looks to Verune.
Araatris: At his nod, she once more brings the chest close. After a suitable pause and Nysse’s invitation, she cracks the seal, again.
Rhoelyn: Nysse turns pale and silently doubles over as the field about sparks and presses inward on her. It violently arcs towards Auura.
Araatris: The Tauren is thrown back by a bolt of wild energy, and the chest goes flying, sending the orb rolling free across the grass.
Rhoelyn: Almost in response, the barrier around Nysse shatters forcibly. She jerks to look up at the orb with wide glassy eyes. “Nooo.”
Araatris: Verune and Rhese react quickly, the elder leaping after the orb while Rhese grabs Nysse, imposing himself between her and the orb.
Rhoelyn: Nysse holds on until after the orb is put up, then she slumps in Rhese’s arms. “I heard someone call out. Is everyone alright?”
Araatris: He glances back to where Ash tends an unresponsive Auura. Her healing magic slowly knits the smoking wound. “She’ll be fine. You?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse draws in a shaky breath. “This orb has a flare for dramatics. It was pressing in so hard I couldn’t breath.” She grimaces.
Araatris: “I don’t like this.” Hovering over her, he glances at Verune.”It wasn’t this powerful when I brought it. This is too much.”
Rhoelyn: She places a reassuring hand on Rhese’s arm. Nysse’s complexion is still pale. “This orb is good for this. If we can stop it..”
Araatris: He looks at her, his brow wrinkling. “Fine. But you WILL tell me when it’s too much.” Verune watches quietly, orb chest in hand.
Rhoelyn: Nysse nods. “I promise, Rhese. It’s important to me to do the best I can.” She turns Verune. “I’m ready for the next when you are.”
Araatris: Verune sets the chest on the cool ground, preparing the third warding alone while Ash helps Auura into the building to rest.
Rhoelyn: She tosses a concerned glance at the apprentices. Nysse stands grimly, preparing herself for whatever this attempt might bring.
Araatris: Rhese steps back as Verune weaves another ward, this one of energy bound with plants & vines pulled from the earth at her feet.
Rhoelyn: Nysse turns to smile comfortingly at Rhese before speaking to Verune. “As soon as it’s ready, open it. It’s best done quickly.”
Araatris: “Very well.” Taking a few steps back, the elder druid braces himself and flips the chest open, watching her carefully.
Rhoelyn: Nysse’s gaze turns blank, but this time she doesn’t move. In fact, she seems perfectly relaxed. She doesn’t speak or react.
Araatris: The men watch quietly for a moment before Rhese shifts nervously. “Nysse?” He reaches through the ward, careful not to disturb it.
Rhoelyn: The blank gaze turns towards Rhese at his touch. Nysse’s voice is ethereal when she speaks. “Why do you hold my vessel, Kaldorei?”
Araatris: He growls, his hand tightening on her arm before he controls himself enough to ask, “Who or what are you?”
Rhoelyn: “I was created for the Old One’s purposes. They require a vessel. I require this receptive one. She is tuned to the old ways.”
Araatris: “For what do they require a vessel?” he asks, sharing a quick glance with Verune. The druid scribbles quickly, his gaze intense.
Rhoelyn: “To run the great machine. This vessel will take me there to reset this world. There she will power the new life. Release us.”
Araatris: “Perhaps. When you have answered my questions,” he lies. “Where is the great machine? How will this… vessel be used?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse’s form shifts in a thoughtful way, “Below that which you call the Black Temple. It was built on top of the machine.” (c)
Rhoelyn: “The vessel is the lifegiver to reseed after the cleansing. Then all will be in balance. We create balance when there is none.”
Araatris: “I don’t understand, but I wish to. Why do your Old Ones believe there is no balance?” He does not relinquish his hold on her arm.
Rhoelyn: “Why do you believe there IS balance when the world is falling apart before your eyes? The world is broken. I have spoken.”
Araatris: “Broken it may be, but it will be fixed. And you may not have Nysse. Verune.” At his nod, the elder druid snaps the chest closed.
Rhoelyn: Nysse blinks and wavers dangerously on her feet. “What happened? I feel… I feel dizzy.” She gazes about in confusion.
Araatris: Rhese rips the ward away, releasing the breath he’d been holding. “By Cenarius’ beard, that was awful. Informative, but awful.”
Rhoelyn: “What was informative? What happened?” She reaches up to hold onto Rhese for support. “I feel like I’ve been working out.”
Araatris: He steadies her gently, leading her to the grotto where they once ate. When she is seated, he says, “I spoke with the orb.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse slouches tiredly and looks at Rhese. “You did? I don’t remember anything. It was like I was asleep. What did you find out?”
Araatris: As he fills her in on what she said, he paces in front of her, clenching and unclenching his fist. Verune watches quietly.
Rhoelyn: Nysse listens quietly before finally turning to Verune. “Brother, it would be best if we stopped for the day.” She looks to Rhese.
Araatris: “For the day?” Rhese interrupts, growling. “No. We’re DONE.” He rounds on the elder druid. “Your wards are not protecting her.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse looks startled and tries to stand weakly. “Rhese! I’m choosing to do this.” She falls back to her knees after a moment.
Araatris: “Not any more, you aren’t.” He scowls, barely shifting his eyes from Verune, who frowns back. “Rhese, this is excellent data. Le-”
Araatris: “NO!” Rhese shouts. He glares at his mentor, fists clenched, for a long moment before turning to stalk away. “I need a moment.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse manages to stand wobbly. “My apologies. I’ll tell you if I can continue tomorrow.” She walks unsteadily after him. “Rhese!”
Araatris: He’s a tattooed, silver-furred bear by the time she manages to catch up to him, grumpily clawing great gouges out of a fallen log.
Rhoelyn: She leans wearily against a tree. “Rhese, I understand why you’re upset. But we need to talk about this. If we make decisions (c)
Rhoelyn: Its not going to be because you said, but because we discussed it together. Either we will discuss or -I- will make -my- decision.”
Araatris: With one last, angry swipe, he turns toward her, fur melting back into flesh as he straightens. Once shifted, he plops down.
Rhoelyn: Nysse stumbles over to Rhese. “Now speak your say..Calmly.” She sits rather roughly on the ground with a grunt. Her gaze holds his.
Araatris: He sighs, letting her watch as he reins in his temper. “I’m sorry, Nysse. I just don’t ever want you… empty like that, again.”
Rhoelyn: “I know. I’m not fond of it either. I’m… I’m really glad you’re here. I couldn’t do it without you.” She places a hand over his.

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