BC Arc – Epilogue

Rhoelyn Moonlight streams across a dozing Nysse. Five wolf pups are sprawled either near or on her. Tsume deposits another pup on top of Nysse.
Araatris Rhese pads up on silent paws and then quiet feet. He lays a brace of hares on the grass. “Tsume,” he whispers, “will you -please- stop that?”
Rhoelyn Tsume gives him a wolfish grin as her tongue hangs out. Rhese rubs her ears as she nuzzles into his hand. He gives Tsume one of the hares.
Araatris As the wolf lopes off to eat in privacy, Rhese turns to the pile of pups and huntress, his hands on his hips. “So this is her ‘busy training’?”
Rhoelyn One of the pups rolls off her lap and yelps. When he continues to yip, Nysse blinks and groggily commands the him, “Quiet, little one.”
Araatris After another yip or two, Rhese steps over and picks him up, whispering to him, “You’d better listen, squirt. She’s testy when she’s sleepy.”
Rhoelyn Nysse sits up quickly at the sound of his voice, barely catching another tumbling wolf pup, “Rhese!” She ducks her head, “They wore me out.”
Araatris He chuckles, adding the squirming little pup to her lap. “So I noticed, oh stern mistress of the pack.” He clears a space and sits beside her.
Rhoelyn “I want them to be like Tsume.” She smiles and ruffles the pup’s fur. He barks and chews on her hand, “How was your hunt? Did it go well?”
Araatris Rhese shakes his head, gesturing at the hares. “The Moonglade is restless, tonight. The wilds are… wary.” He frowns. “Something is happening.”
Rhoelyn Nysse tilts her head, peering up at him beside her, “Should we head to Nighthaven? Tsume hasn’t alerted me to anything, but we could play it safe.”
Araatris He groans and reaches for her, sending more pups scrambling as he pulls her close. “Not us. Not tonight. It’s someone else’s turn.”
Rhoelyn She laughs and leans against him, “Fine, fine. I promised the only work I’d do was the pups. I’ll hold to it.” Tsume rounds up her children.
Araatris Rhese smiles and wraps his arms around her as the wolves wander off. “Good. You promised me date number… I forget. What number are we on, now?”
Rhoelyn “How can I count dates when you’ve hardly left my side?” Nysse teases. She lays her arm across him. “I’m not complaining. It’s been wonderful.”
Araatris “Hmm. I really thought I’d scare you off when we got that awful assignment to search through the felboar droppings in Hellfire.” He smirks.
Rhoelyn Nysse grimaces, “No, but the smell was terrible! It took days to get rid of it.” She kisses his cheek, “I prefer how you smell now. It’s nice.”
Araatris He chuckles self-consciously, rubbing his hand idly along her arm. “I try not to smell like the wild beast I am. … too often, at least.”
Rhoelyn “I don’t mind even when you do.” Nysse lays her head on his shoulder. “You do realize that I can’t cook while you’re holding me, don’t you?”
Araatris “Mm…” He grins. “You do realize that I can’t hold you while you cook, don’t you? But I -am- getting hungry. It’s an unresolvable situation.”
Rhoelyn Nysse snorts, “Unresolvable? You can keep me for a little longer then..until hunger wins.” She buries her face and mumbles unintelligibly.
Araatris With a low growl, he squeezes her tighter. “I’ve decided I’m not opposed to eating my dinner raw. Maybe you’d care to say that again?”
Rhoelyn Flushing, Nysse looks up, “It’s embarrassing to say still!” At another low rumble from Rhese, she answers softly, “I love you, Rhese.”
Araatris “See?” He grins brightly. “She can be trained.” When she pinches him angrily, he laughs and kisses her nose. “I love you, too, Nysse.”

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