Cata Arc – Chapter 11

Araatris: Kreston grunts and stumbles back, looking down at the spear in his belly. “Well, sh-” He chokes on the words, coughing as Aleesa grabs him.
Rhoelyn: Nysse’s arrow pierces the chest of the spear’s owner. “Get him back! I’ll cover you.” Aleesa drags him behind the huntress and starts healing.
Araatris: Rhese and Faye make quick work of the other guard, and as the naga falls, she plucks the sword from her limp hand, tossing it to Dorian.
Rhoelyn: Nithan checks Kreston as well and snorts, “Try not to run into the spear next time.” Kreston grins. “Sure. Pick on the guy who went first.”
Araatris: “An’ ya keep that up, lad, ye’re gonna lose your job as the scout. Demoted ta pincushion.” Dorian strides past him with a teasing grin.
Rhoelyn: Rhese brushes up against Nysse’s leg and she smiles, setting her hand on his back. Kreston stands and gasps, “Pin cushion? How insulting!”
Araatris: Aleesa pats the man’s shoulder. “And only moderately accurate at best. That was no pin.” She giggles as she saunters after Dorian. “Not you, too!”
Rhoelyn: Rhese pads forward and looks back expectantly. Kreston sighs and shakes his head, “I’m moving. I’m moving. It shouldn’t be much further.”
Araatris: Finished retrieving her arrow, Nysse follows quietly, Korran at her side. The party makes their way into a small chamber. Seaweed is strewn about.
Rhoelyn: It looks like a nest with bedding along the back. Rhese pads forward sniffing and then looking towards the other opening in the room.
Araatris: They follow the lead of his nose through another short tunnel. From the opening at the far end echoes chanting and a disturbing buzz.
Rhoelyn: The feline form peers in. Anari and three female attendants chant around a circle where eight void creatures pace in constantly shifting forms.
Araatris: His keen gaze searches the creatures, wondering which is Yami. If any are Yami. Even as he worries, he feels a familiar touch against his thoughts.
Rhoelyn: One of the figures changes into a familiar child and bolts toward the edge of the circle. A field halts his progress and he cries, “An’da!”
Araatris: Anari lifts her head, her blind eyes narrowing, but she maintains her position in the ritual and her chant. Rhese winces, drawing back.
Rhoelyn: Kreston mutters, “There was no way the little guy saw you.” Nysse joins them, “No, he feels our minds, but there goes any hope of surprise.”
Araatris: The high priest and a few of his attendants step forth from another tunnel on the far side of the chamber. “Yami!” he snaps, “Resssume your place.”
Rhoelyn: Yami returns to his spot, but he keeps trilling unhappily and call for Rhese and Nysse. The huntress’ voice is husky, “What do we do now?”
Araatris: Before anyone can respond to the question, Kalis raises his voice from the chamber. His foreign words are somehow chilling as they echo.
Rhoelyn: Their void child shrieks. Nysse’s eyes open wide despite her blindness and she moves to peer into the cave. Kreston just misses grabbing her arm.
Araatris: Korran’s gaze shows her the swirling magicks around the children as visible tendrils of color. She clenches her fist. “It’s going to be a portal.”
Rhoelyn: Kreston hisses, “Get back from the opening.” Nysse snaps, “We don’t have time. Anari’s the focus. We have to stop her.” She grabs her bow.
Araatris: The sailor clamps a hand around her wrist. “What are you doing?!” While they’re distracted, Rhese sneaks into the chamber, silent on cat’s paws.
Rhoelyn: “We can’t let them finish that portal.” She tugs at her wrist. Nithan puts a hand on her shoulder and whispers, “You’re still connected to her.”
Araatris: “Bu-” Korran’s voice interrupts Nysse. “He is ready for us, Nyssera.” The wolf’s gaze shows her Rhese in the shadows behind the high priest.
Rhoelyn: Nysse jerks her wrist free, “Rhese is ready. Let’s go.” She darts out before they can argue, Korran staying by her side. She looses an arrow.
Araatris: The acolyte to Anari’s left drops without a scream, the arrow piercing her spine. At the same time, Rhese leaps at Kalis from behind.
Rhoelyn: His claws rake across the naga’s tail. Kalis turns, smiling despite the wound. “Rhessse Sssilverwing.” The others split up to hit the attendants.
Araatris: The naga priest’s smile dies a bit when the cat only winces at his name, but he growls, “It hasss already been written. You are too late.”
Rhoelyn: An arrow flies past them. Kalis holds up his hand towards Anari. “Stop them or I’ll stop her myself.” Black shadows coalesce around his fingers.
Araatris: Within the ritual, the void creatures trill in agitation. Yami shoves at the barrier. Groping for her dagger, Anari stabs her right shoulder.
Rhoelyn: Nysse’s bow clatters to ground as she cries out. A naga heads toward her, but the huntress pulls an arrow and brandishes it with her left hand.
Araatris: Grinning darkly, Kalis shifts the focus of his spell. Faye screams and stumbles into Nithan as his magic stabs at her mind. Rhese slashes at him.
Rhoelyn: He quickly slithers backward away from Rhese, narrowly avoiding the attack. Behind, Yami blurs into a mirror of Rhese and claws at the shield.
Araatris: Nysse dodges the naga, stepping deftly aside as Dorian slips a sword through his gut. She stumbles when Korran suddenly shifts his gaze.
Rhoelyn: The shield flickers again and the buzzing grows louder, piercing strangely into the mind. Dorian grabs Nysse’s injured arm to steady her.
Araatris: Clutching her bleeding shoulder, Anari laughs. “Our Lord opens the way!” The barrier shield fails and Yami rushes to Rhese, both of them shifting.
Rhoelyn: Rhese scoops up the child on his way to Nysse. The rest of the void creatures spread out around the portal, trilling. Yami trills at them urgently.
Araatris: When he shoves the boy at her, Nysse is forced to drop the arrow. “Get h-” The runes of the portal flash and suddenly spread throughout the chamber.
Rhoelyn: Nysse cradles Yami tightly with her good arm even as the buzzing crescendos into a shriek. Then, silence falls and all eyes rest on the portal.
Araatris: The energy swirls at the center of Anari’s circle, contracting and expanding in what looks like a violent display but is eerily silent.
Rhoelyn: Slowly, a tendril reaches out of the portal. Then another. Then another. Horror at the undulating appendages spreads across the rescue team.
Araatris: Rhese jumps and curses thoroughly as screeching fills the cavern and their heads, turning to Nysse and Yami. He speaks against the boy’s ear.
Rhoelyn: Yami nods and squirms free of Nysse’s arms and starts pulling on her free arm towards the exit. She protests, “Wait! Yami, we can’t-.”
Araatris: The druid presses his palm against her back, whispering two quick spells as he gives her a shove. The other void children gather around them.
Rhoelyn: Yami pauses as his siblings block his path and trills urgently. The nearest ones take interest in Nysse. Several of them brush against her mind.
Araatris: As her vision starts to clear, she flinches under the uncomfortable questing pressure of their curiosity, trying to deal with all the distractions.
Rhoelyn: “Yami, what are they doing?” Nysse groans. Yami frowns and trills at the others again. The pressure eases, but they press in closer to her.
Araatris: The huntress reaches out and pats one that has shifted into a bear cub. She mutters, “You’re scared, aren’t you?” Nearby, Aleesa gapes at the portal.
Rhoelyn: Kalis laughs as the creature’s head crests the opening. Nysse shouts, “We have to get out!” She begins to herd the void children to the exit.
Araatris: As Rhese shifts and rushes off, the massive, horrible form lets out a deep, sonorous sound with elements of the children’s trill within it.
Rhoelyn: The others follow Rhese, but Nysse is slowed by the various forms of the children. She nervously looks back at Anari who grins madly back.
Araatris: When the Old God bellows once more, the void children slow even more, confused. Aleesa glances back as Nysse struggles, grabbing Kreston’s arm.
Rhoelyn: Aleesa and Kreston grab two of the void children each. The others cling to Nysse, trembling. A tendril thrashes out and their exit crumbles.
Araatris: “Nysse!” When Rhese shifts and skids to a stop, attempting to throw himself back toward the collapsing end of the tunnel, Dorian grabs him.
Rhoelyn: “Lad! Ya can’t!” Dorian grunts as Rhese fights him. “Let me go! I can dig!” Faye walks around Rhese. There’s a sharp crack as she slaps him.
Araatris: The druid staggers as far as Dorian’s hold will allow and the tunnel debris settles behind them. Faye is unphased by the rage in his expression.
Rhoelyn: Dorian mediates, “Now, lass…” Faye shakes her head, “No, Dorian. He was going to get himself killed instead of surviving to actually help her.”
Araatris: Though he snarls at her and clenches his fists, Rhese stays still, watching the dust settle. He manages to grit out, “We need a new way in.”
Rhoelyn: Faye sighs, “No, we don’t. She’s resourceful and will get out. There were other exits. More importantly, everyone is in danger. Not just Nysse.”
Araatris: “Um… we are all in grave danger,” Aleesa announces to the others unnecessarily, clutching the void creatures tighter to her. Kreston curses.
Rhoelyn: Nysse frowns, “Over there.” She points to another tunnel. “Maybe we can still catch up.” She dives around the cavern, ducking under a tentacle.
Araatris: Kalis places himself in Nysse’s way, unarmed save the dark power dancing around his fingers. “You are more entwined in thisss than I realized.”
Rhoelyn: The huntress glares. “You can’t have them back.” Kalis bares his sharp teeth in a grin. “I haven’t lost any of them yet, Nyssera Whispersong.”
Araatris: Her name on his lips has Nysse staggering back with a pained cry. It’s all she can do not to drop Yami’s sibling. The boy grabs at her leg.
Rhoelyn: “H-how did you?!” Nysse gasps. Kalis slithers closer and speaks firmly, “Did you truly think you could keep it a secret from the Great One?”
Araatris: Kreston rushes to her defense, slashing a stolen sword at the priest. Aleesa follows not far behind, ushering the other children before her.
Rhoelyn: The blade slices across the naga’s chest as shadowy magic flies from Kalis’ fingers. Aleesa grabs Nysse, “Keep moving while he’s distracted.”
Araatris: The sailor halts as Kalis’ magic hits him, lowering his weapon and his head. He manages to choke out, “Go!” Aleesa pauses, tossing a crude totem.
Rhoelyn: Nysse shoots him a sharp look and continues herding the children. “Make sure you follow.” Anari stands alone holding the portal open for Bal’riemon.
Araatris: The totem lands at Kalis’ tail and crackles with lightning as the ladies keep moving. “Agh!” His magic is disrupted, and Kreston stumbles.
Rhoelyn: Aleesa passes the children to Nysse. The shaman bolts and grabs Kreston, pulling him roughly after them. Nysse mumbles, “Keep moving, little ones.”
Araatris: As they try to make their way across the cavern, the glowing sigils of the portal spread like cracks on all the rock. The intersections tear open.
Rhoelyn: The void children trill in fear as they feed it into Nysse. She whispers urgently, “Make yourselves small enough to fit in my tunic.”
Araatris: Within seconds, she squirms as seven little creatures settle against her skin as a litter of tiny pups, trembling there. Yami clenches her hand.
Rhoelyn: She holds tight as Yami stumbles on the broken rock. Aleesa and Kreston catch up and flank her. Nysse glances over her shoulder at Kalis.
Araatris: He grunts, trying to shove himself up from the fracturing floor as Aleesa’s totem fizzles. A glowing hole to somewhere else opens by his hand.
Rhoelyn: More tendrils reach out, wrapping around Kalis’ hand. Nysse turns around and they duck into the tunnel, dodging falling rubble. “Keep straight!”
Araatris: Behind them, she hears Kalis’ laughter, his voice taking on a chilling depth. It rings out clearly. “You cannot leave, Nyssera Whispersong!”
Rhoelyn: Nysse slumps to her knees. She cradles the void children and Yami closer. Tentacles reach up and start wrapping around her body. “I can’t move!”
Araatris: Aleesa shouts and braces her hands against the rock, trying to hold the tunnel together. Kreston grabs at Nysse, but he can’t budge her.
Rhoelyn: The children squirm anxiously as Nysse trembles with the effort to move. Yami puts his tiny hands on Nysse’s cheeks, “Listen, Min’da. Listen.”
Araatris: She fights against a panic fueled by his siblings, straining and looking at the boy with wide eyes. “Y-yami? What…?” He leans forward.
Rhoelyn: He kisses her cheek. Her mind is wrapped in what feels like a soft blanket of sound, blocking out everything except for Yami’s musical trill.
Araatris: With the sailor tugging on her arm and slashing at the tendrils with his sword, Nysse’s expression becomes calm and distant. “Aleesa,” she calls.
Rhoelyn: Aleesa mends the stone as fast as it breaks. She answers distractedly, “What is it, Nysse?” The huntress holds a hand up to forestall Kreston.
Araatris: As Kreston pauses, confused and loosing a couple more colorful curses, she swings the hand toward Aleesa. “I need your hand.”
Rhoelyn: The shaman gapes, “But the tunnel is barely holding! I need to-” Nysse repeats herself, “It’s alright, Aleesa. Please give me your hand.”
Araatris: “… I hope you know what you ask,” the draenei mutters, rushing over to grab Nysse’s hand. The huntress smiles at Yami. “Now, sweetie.”
Rhoelyn: Aleesa’s eyes glaze over. “Yes… Yes, that’s it!” Kreston growls, “What’s going on?” The draenei calls stone around them. “I know where to go.”
Araatris: The stone ring is formed with symbols and lines. Yami smiles and presses a hand against the spellwork, drawing on Aleesa’s magic.
Rhoelyn: A black sphere wraps around them, cold and empty and silent. Their stomachs churn as they move. After several minutes, the sphere fades.
Araatris: Aleesa reels as they get their first look around, and Nysse steadies her, straightening. As soon as the barrier dissolves, water rushes in.
Rhoelyn: They are in a deep chasm. There’s a flurry of elemental activity around them. A water elemental pauses in front of them, staring at Aleesa.
Araatris: The shaman grins sheepishly and waggles her fingers at the elemental. It rushes off, causing alarm to spread through the others. Aleesa droops.
Rhoelyn: Kreston catches her. Shortly, the elemental returns and motions for them to follow. Nysse peeks at the void children, but they seem fine.
Araatris: Yami trills and shifts to gain a naga tail. His siblings become water serpents, and Nysse shudders as she they get their wiggly selves comfortable.
Rhoelyn: A tail brushes against her side and Nysse doubles over giggling. When Kreston looks concerned, she waves him off and points at Yami then her stomach.
Araatris: He gives her a weird look and tilts his head at the elemental before turning and helping a worn-looking Aleesa along after it. Nysse follows.
Rhoelyn: Yami clings to the huntress and looks around curiously as the elemental leads them to a large cave. They enter and swim up to the water’s surface.
Araatris: “Take it slow.” Kreston steadies Aleesa until she can get her legs back under her. “Thank you.” She yawns, leaning on him. “I…hope we sit, soon.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse staggers at the edge of the water and makes a strange face as the void children shift once again against her stomach. “Seconded.”
Araatris: As they settle in behind the elemental, wandering down a tunnel of rock and coral, the sailor pitches his voice low, “Someone fill me in.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse mumbles under her breath, “I couldn’t move, so Yami wanted to move us. He had to use Aleesa as a bridge to bring us to the Abyssal Maw.”
Araatris: His jaw drops, and he practically shouts, “We’re in the Abyssal Maw?!” Aleesa shushes him, looking pleased with herself. “It’s impressive, yes?
Rhoelyn: “It really is, but where are they taking us, Aleesa?” Nysse keeps her voice soft. The shaman shrugs, “Probably to see someone important.”
Araatris: “Someone who likes company, I hope.” The sailor looks around nervously as the rock gives way to smooth, polished walls and carved fountains.
Rhoelyn: Aleesa pats his arm soothingly. “It’ll be alright, Kreston. We’ll explain everything and we’ll warn them about the naga.” Nysse chews on her lip.
Araatris: “Sure…” He grumbles under his breath.“I sail. Knots and fishing and the occasional pirate. Hell. Naga? Fine. But Old Gods and Elemental Lords?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse smiles anxiously, “I understand your feelings. Aleesa?” The draenei glances over as they walk. “Are they going to be fine with the children?”
Araatris: The draenei tries to give her a reassuring smile, but it’s weak. “I have… no idea, my dear. Let’s hope so, as I doubt we could defy Neptulon.”
Rhoelyn: Kreston watches Nysse as she cradles the bundle in her tunic a little closer. They turn a corner and pass through an archway into a large room.
Araatris: The three of them are left to gape as the elemental halts them and rushes off. The high, domed ceiling is clear and shows a wild, violent ocean.
Rhoelyn: A voice echoes, “Why have you come here, daughter of the elements? It is a trying time for a visit.” They look at the far end of the room.
Araatris: A towering being of water and ice stands to the side of a raised dias, a helm of shell obscuring her face. Aleesa kneels. “Majordomo Tsunabren.”
Rhoelyn: Aleesa motions to the others to do so as well. As Nysse and Kreston kneel, the shaman answers, “We come seeking asylum and bearing warning.”
Araatris: Flowing closer, the Majordomo manages to sound skeptical. “Naz’jar and her forces already assault our realm. What warning could you offer?”
Rhoelyn: Nysse clutches the void children and Yami closer as she speaks, “Bal’riemon has been summoned by the naga, Kalis and Anari.” Her head stays bowed.
Araatris: She hisses, a sound like a waterfall raging over a cliff. “You lie. ‘Tis impossible without his formless ones, and they were buried aeons ago.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse wills the children to stay silent as she hugs Yami. Kreston glances at Nysse, “She’s not lying. They found and made them summon him.”
Araatris: Yami doesn’t seem to share Nysse’s fear, though he doesn’t mind her possessive hugs. The boy peers up at the elemental Lieutenant curiously.
Rhoelyn: “Min’da?” Nysse gently shushes him, but it’s too late. The majordomo leans down and takes a closer look. “His eyes do not shine like yours.”
Araatris: He fearlessly looks up at the elemental, grinning, but Nysse cringes. “No,” she says. “They don’t.” Tsunabren moves closer, her form contracting.
Rhoelyn: Taking on a humanoid shape, Tsunabren reaches out and touches Yami. Immediately, the hand is withdrawn and she frowns. “He is not a night elf.”
Araatris: The huntress pulls him tighter against her, her heart in her throat. “No, but he’s my family.” Aleesa interjects. “He is not a threat, Majordomo.”
Rhoelyn: Yami continues to stare curiously before mirroring the majordomo’s form. Tsunabren recoils with a hiss, “You have brought a shapeless one here!”
Araatris: Aleesa stands. “He is a child, and this elf is his mother in every way that matters to him. It was he who brought us here to escape Bal’reimon.”
Rhoelyn: “It is them that would have opened the portal to the old god. Did this elf assist in that?” The majordomo gathers rushing water about her hand.
Araatris: The huntress stands as well, pulling Yami behind her. “No!” Aleesa speaks more calmly, but quickly. “We tried to stop the priests, but we failed.”
Rhoelyn: Tsunabren considers Aleesa and they catch a glimpse of a frown. “So you say that this elf and her… child fought against the summoners?”
Rhoelyn: The elemental commander swings her gaze to Nysse and to her bulging tunic. Her voice rises in skepticism, “What of the rest of the…children?”
Araatris: “They are exactly what the word implies, Majordomo: innocent and easily influenced. They knew nothing about what they were doing.”
Rhoelyn: Aleesa motions for Nysse to show the rest to Tsunabren. The huntress blushes and mumbles, “They’re still scared. They don’t want to come out…”
Araatris: Yami glances between Nysse and the elemental, his form having reverted to the little boy. He trills at his siblings quietly, leaning close.
Rhoelyn: One by one, they slip from Nysse’s shirt to the ground. They shift and change as Yami continues to softly encourage them. “Oh! Thank you, Yami.”
Araatris: The child grins and clings to Nysse’s hand as the other seven settle in a menagerie of forms around them. Tsunabren recoils, her form expanding.
Rhoelyn: Nysse smiles proudly at Yami. “I vouch that they have not knowingly aided the naga. Like any child, they are influenced by those who raise them.”
Araatris: The elemental scoffs. “Too, they are influenced by their nature.” She reaches down, grabbing Nysse. “Who are you, little elf, to defy that?”
Rhoelyn: The huntress’ eyes flash angrily, “I am Nyssera Whispersong, and I am their mother. I believe every creature has the right to choose.”
Araatris: Yami grabs uselessly at the water of Tsunabren’s grip, crying, “Min’da!” When he shifts, Kreston rushes over to grab him, “Yami, don’t!”
Rhoelyn: The sailor’s hand slip through water as Yami becomes a water elemental. He grabs Tsunabren’s hand and pleads, “No hurt Min’da! No hurt!”
Araatris: The majordomo swats without real force at the child, and beneath her helm, her grimace is clear. She releases Nysse only to grab Yami, lifting him.
Rhoelyn: The void child trills and shifts back into a small night elven boy, reaching for Nysse. She gasps, “Please. He was only trying to protect me.”
Araatris: Tsunabren lifts Yami close and glances between him and his agitated mother and siblings. Her touch is gentle when she pokes at his long ear.
Rhoelyn: Yami turns with a started trill, then he stops and tilts his head. The child reaches up and touches her shell and speaks calmly, “No hurt?”
Araatris: “I am not in the habit of harming children,” the elemental says with a sigh for Yami and Nysse both. “Not even Bal’riemon’s children. Nor yours.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse bows her head, “My apologies. I can see that.” Kreston pats Nysse’s shoulder. “We’d like to assist you against the naga, Majordomo.”
Araatris: Tsunabren looks the sailor up and down, her laughter like a swift-flowing brook. “You things of rendable flesh are of no use to me. However…”
Rhoelyn: She looks at Yami and sets him in front of Nysse. “The children’s powers would be quite useful to me.” Aleesa notes the huntress’ frown.
Araatris: “In what way?” The night elf asks warily. The elemental commander contracts, her form less intimidating as she examines the void creatures.
Rhoelyn: The Majordomo rests her hand on Yami’s head, “They are flexible. We could use additional guards into the Abyssal Maw. Would they be willing?”
Araatris: “They’re not soldiers!” Aleesa rests a hand on her shoulder as Nysse clenches her fists. “I do not think it wise to involve them in combat.”
Rhoelyn: Aleesa continues, “They would be best at a task where Nysse can watch over and guide them.” Tsunabren ponders the shaman’s advice.
Araatris: After a short silence, she turns and beckons an attendant, who approaches immediately. Once they converse, it rushes off. She looks at Nysse.
Rhoelyn: “Would you be willing to learn to create a portal to the old god’s home, Nyssera? We will need it to return Bal’riemon.” Tsunabren gestures broadly.
Araatris: Nysse blinks, wide-eyed and looks at Aleesa. The shaman nods. “This, we can do.” The huntress sidles over and whispers, “We can?”
Rhoelyn: Aleesa chuckles and speaks softly, “Yes, you don’t need to be a priest to do the right symbols and it seems the voidlings provide the power.”
Araatris: Kreston joins them, also whispering. “And how’re we supposed to know what symbols to do? You don’t know shadow magic, do you, Aleesa?”
Rhoelyn: The draenei shakes her head. “She asked if we were willing to learn, so I don’t think we need to. We’ll have to make due without Nithan.”
Araatris: The majordomo gestures to an attendant who brings in a large chest. “Those who fight for the Throne of Tides are properly equipped.”
Rhoelyn: Aleesa steps forward and bows. “We are honored by your support. There are others on the island above that may be able to assist as well.”
Araatris: Tsunabren turns away when another attendant rushes in. She nods before turning back and points at Kreston. “You. Useless-looking one…” “Hey!”
Rhoelyn: “Less useful one,” she amends. Kreston looks at Aleesa and Nysse, but they avert their eyes. The elemental continues, “Follow this one.”
Araatris: When he starts to make an obstinate face, the shaman pats his back and gives him a little shove, mumbling, “Do as the powerful water lady says.”
Rhoelyn: Kreston grumbles, “Fine, but you owe me later.” He smiles tolerantly as he follows the small elemental. Tsunabren looks at the other two.
Araatris: “We are in agreement, then?” The majordomo looks between them, her contracted form still like a pond. Yami looks up at Nysse, his grip gentle.
Rhoelyn: Nysse kneels in front of Yami and holds his hands. “Yami, will you and your siblings help us create a new portal to send Bal’riemon back?”
Araatris: The little boy looks at the others, trilling musically. Their chorus of answers strikes a minor tone, and he turns back to her. “Scared, min’da.”
Rhoelyn: She brushes his hair back and motions the others closer. “It is scary, but I’d be with you all and I’ll do everything I can to keep you safe.”
Araatris: “Safe,” Yami repeats, setting a little hand on a void cub’s head. He glances around at the others before turning back to his mother with a nod.
Rhoelyn: She kisses his forehead. “I’ll protect you, my brave little ones.” Nysse looks up at Tsunabren. “We are in agreement. Will we have time to rest?”
Araatris: Beckoning to another attendant, the majordomo answers, “Rest if you must, but time is short. The Old God rips at the realm of water as we speak.”
Rhoelyn: Nysse nods. “We will not take long. Will the attendant let you know when we are ready?” Tsunabren inclines her head. “Gather what you need.”
Araatris: As the smaller elemental picks up the chest of equipment and weapons, beckoning them to follow, she adds, “You may have become our best hope.”

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